Nearly half a million theory car driving tests were taken between October and December 2016. That’s a huge number of potential new drivers to hit our roads. Yet, with steady pass rates declining (for this period, the pass rate is only 47.5%), the theory test is proving a difficult test to master.

The Department of Transport have stated that the decline is due to the introduction of new questions and that the questions are no longer published, but are there other reasons for the decline in achieving a pass?

Failing to revise

To pass any test requires diligence and a lot of hard work to achieve the result that you want. Think about the lifetime of driving that you have ahead of you in comparison with a few hours of revision. There are so many digital learning solutions to help you work towards success: take advantage of them. Ask your driving instructor to advise you on their recommended apps and resources. A good instructor will also be teaching you the theory while you have your practical lessons: learn on the job. The hints and tips that you pick up during your driving lessons will help you to absorb the information, for example, if you are having driving lessons Wolverhampton, your instructor will organically tell you about the hazards of the trams, pedestrian crossings, driving in urban areas, etc.

Failing to self-test

Get yourself theory test ready by completing mock tests. There is an abundance of mock tests online, and they are the best way to grow your knowledge and confidence in your ability to succeed. If you are failing to improve using the mock tests, it is more than likely that you are failing to observe the corrections – you need to keep reviewing where you have made mistakes, and learn something each time.

Failing to prepare

The night before your test, you should aim to get a good night’s sleep and relax. Your mental well-being is conducive to passing the test; make sure that you have a good meal before your test, hunger is a distraction that can easily be avoided.

You need to know what to expect in the theory exam. Having applied for the test, you should know its format. There are two sections: multiple choice and a hazard test. Use the flagging system to highlight any questions you may want to go back and revisit if you are unsure. Try not to be trigger happy in the hazards perception test; you will lose points for marking too many things as hazards if they are not!

Forgetting to take your provisional licence

Perhaps the most frustrating reason for failing your theory test! In the run-up to your theory test, you may have worked yourself into a stressful frenzy; however, you must remember to take your provisional licence. People are not allowed to sit the test without it, and you will forfeit your fee. To cancel your theory test, you must give three days’ notice to avoid losing your money.


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