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Injured in a Car Accident in Louisiana: First 5 Things You MUST Do Now, Before It’s Too Late


The period after an auto accident can be characterized by confusion, stress, shock and trauma. The situation is likely to be more difficult if you or your loved one sustains injuries as a result of the car accident. With the unanticipated nature of car crashes, the event will significantly affect the emotional, physical and financial aspects of your life. Regardless of how serious the crash was, it will help a great deal if you keep a level head. Keeping a level head will allow you to take the proper steps before it is too late, a move that will help to protect your legal rights as well as contribute to your recovery process.

Seek medical treatment

One of the issues you will need to prioritize after a car crash is your health. Apart from checking yourself to see if you sustained any injuries, you should seek medical treatment. Even in cases where injuries appear to be minor, it is recommended that those involved in the accident seek medical attention immediately. While injuries may not appear to be serious right after the accident, they can become worse over time. Seeing a doctor will also help you to obtain a medical report detailing your injuries and confirming that they resulted from the accident. This will be important if you plan on seeking compensation from the at-fault party.

Document the evidence

If you are to figure out how the accident happened, you will need to do so immediately after the incident. Depending on the extent of the injuries you sustain, you should write down the contact information of everyone involved in the crash. It is also recommended that you take photos of any visible injuries and all vehicles involved and damaged in the accident. Photographs of any debris at the scene of the accident as well as traffic signs and lights may also help to provide information on how the crash happened.

Do not admit liability

Despite the anger and pressure associated with traffic accidents, you should try to keep your cool. This will allow you to watch what you say after the incident. You will have enough room to think through what you tell other parties involved in the accident, bystanders, insurance agents and other witnesses. Since admission of liability will affect your chances of filing a claim successfully, all communications should be left to your lawyer.

Report the accident to the police and your insurance company

If you are involved in an accident in Louisiana, you should report the accident to both the police and your insurance company. You can either call the police to come to the scene of the accident or file a report. Reporting to the police will help to show that the accident was real, giving it credibility as you deal with your insurance company and seek compensation.

Contact an attorney

If you are injured in a car accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney. The legal expert will investigate the accident, collect the relevant evidence, identify potential witnesses, identify liable parties, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and protect your rights. This will ultimately help you to get the compensation you deserve. Indeed, you really can get rich quick having an attorney sue for your car accident while at the same time have the peace of mind you need to achieve full recovery.

Even as you seek to protect your legal rights, it is important to prioritize safety. As much as you will not want to interfere with the relevant evidence, you should consider moving yourself and your vehicle to a safe place. This will help to avoid additional accidents.


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