Getting rid of things, we rarely use, seems to be the chore we enjoy the least. Yet, when our closets are overcrowded and our drawers are double-stuffed–it can really impact your mind set. Having to sort through piles of items just to find what you need is an exercise in futility. It’s past time you get rid of all that clutter. Here’s how.

Get a Storage Shed

It can be hard to live when your home is overflowing with stuff. Having to navigate through piles is no fun.

Plus, what will you do if friends or family come over? No, you don’t want them to turn you over to that hoarding reality show. So, it may be time to get a storage shed.

You want something that is affordable and durable, such as the steel arched sheds. With a structure for your storage, you can start to de-clutter your home.

The art of organizing has two benefits: you can quickly find the things you need, and it gives you peace of mind. Plus, with your own storage place, you don’t have to rent a storage unit.

Sort Through Your Wardrobe

Isn’t it funny how you can have drawers and closets full of clothes but only really wear five or six pieces constantly? This is something many of us do. You just have your favorite go-to items.

Well, with clothing de-cluttering, you should think of the 80:20 rule. That is, we wear 20 percent of our clothing around 80 percent of the time. If you haven’t sorted through your clothes in years, then start slowly.

Block out 30 minutes per day to start organizing. It gets easier to do this step by step. Look for clothes that no longer fit or you haven’t worn in years.

Also, find clothes that are uncomfortable. Toss all of these clothes into a box.

Take that box to a charity or consignment store. Don’t think twice. You will probably not even notice they are gone.

Get Rid of Duplicates

Do you really need 30 coffee mugs? Does your home need five flat-screen TVs? Do you use your three sets of silverware? Do you need 100 meal prep containers?

Another way to de-clutter is by eliminating duplicates. Each time you get something new, give or throw away something that is old. You’ll feel much better afterward.

Throw Away Old Cosmetics

These days, people collect cosmetics. Depending on the brand, they can become collector’s items–especially if they sell out.

Even if you’ve saved up to buy your favorite eye shadow palette, that doesn’t mean you should keep it for five years. It can be toxic to your skin to wear makeup that is years old.

You should only buy what you will wear on a regular basis. Get rid of expired makeup, toiletries and unused medicines too.

Set a Schedule

Set up a time each week or month to de-clutter. Make it systematic. Soon, it will become a habit. Organizing doesn’t have to be perfect. Just do as much as you can.

Final Thought

The more you de-clutter, the more organized you will feel. Plus, you will only use what you need and want.


  1. The first thing you have to do is make your bed, store the trash in special bags and discard it as soon as possible.

  2. Start saving things that you will not use or discard and for this you can recycle cartons and can be your salvation. The idea is to mark the different boxes with the different destinations to where they will go.

    • Good idea especially for small children’s toys because when there are children at home, this becomes a mess and those cubes are perfect for throwing toys.

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