One of the reasons why you chose to only consider Icon Beaverton one bedroom rentals is the fact that you wanted just enough space for living. The smaller unit means it takes less time to clean and keep the place tidy. You can reduce that cleaning time even more if you make use of these four ideas.

Drawers are Your Friend

When you choose furnishings for the apartment, think about ways to add more drawers to the space. For example, have you thought about using low chests with a couple of drawers each as the end tables in the living room? Placing one at each end of the sofa still provides the table space needed for the lamps while adding storage space underneath. Instead of having more things to pick up and dust under, you can keep magazines, your iPad, and other items you want close at hand in those drawers. Along with making the cleaning easier, you will spend less time trying to find what you need right now.

Closet Organizers are Wonderful

There’s wasted space in the closets and you can use it to tuck away things that would be left out in the open otherwise. Closet organizers make it easy to customize the space within the closet and create a place for all sorts of things to be easily accessible when you need them. The rest of the time those items are not cluttering your space. Since the organizers are so inexpensive, it will be easy to purchase kits and customize every closet in your apartment.

Plastic Caddies Keep the Cleaning Supplies Organized

Have you ever spent time sorting through sponges, spray bottles, and different supplies in search of what you need to do a bit of cleaning? Consider buying stackable plastic caddies to tuck under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Go with models with handles that retract and fill each one with the cleaning supplies needed for specific jobs. When you are ready to dust the living room, grab the caddy and get to work. Once you are done, place all the supplies back in the caddy and put it back under the sink.

Over the Door Storage Racks Work Too

Over the door storage racks are versatile and easy to use. The space behind an open door is going to waste anyway so why not put it to good use? You can hang one rack on your bedroom door and create the perfect place to store your reading materials or even some of your favorite accessories. In the bathroom, a rack on the door makes it easy to have extra towels on hand without cramming one more thing in the linen closet.

Keeping Beaverton apartment rentals in order is not as hard as you may think. With a little imagination, you can come up with ideas that keep everything in the proper place and reduce the amount of time you have to devote to cleaning and dealing with clutter. Try these hacks today and a few other ideas are sure to come to mind.


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