The one tool every realtor is known for is their lock box. It makes showing houses extremely easy and safe. There’s no need to hide a key under a rock and potentially compromise the property when you use a lock box.

The most common way to use a lock box is to hang it on the front door. It makes showing a home a lot easier, but that’s not the only way you can use this simple, yet effective, little device.

Think outside the lock box and get creative when it comes to using this tool with these ideas.

Vary the Placement of the Lock box

Contractor lock boxes are most frequently found on the front door of properties that are being sold. Placing the lock box this way is extremely convenient, but it can create a lot of anxiety for the existing homeowner.

Nothing announces the fact that someone might not be at home like a lock box hanging on the front door. If burglars know you aren’t home, they know your property is an easy target.

Instead, get creative with the placement of the lock box. A few locations where it can be placed include:

  • On the back door
  • On a gate
  • In or around the garage
  • On the gas meter

Use It for Medical Reasons

A lock box is handy if a realtor will be inviting potential buyers in to tour your home when you’re not there, but that’s not the only time someone might need access to your house.

Medical alert systems are more popular than ever because they can save lives. They’re a great choice for seniors, but they’re also great for people of all ages with mobility and medical issues. With fall detection, emergency personnel can arrive at your door, even if you can’t pus the emergency button.

The question is, how are they going to get in?

If you don’t have a lock box, they’ll have to force their way in by breaking the lock or shattering your window. If you have a lock box, you can provide your medical alert system provider with the passcode so when emergency personnel arrive, they can get inside easily.

Home Security

Lock boxes are used to make a home secure while it’s being sold, so it makes sense that they could be used for other security reasons as well.

Finding the right safe is a great way to protect your most precious belongings, but they can be so expensive! A simpler solution is to purchase a sturdy container and secure it with a lock box.

It’s common for families to leave a key to the house outside just in case someone locks themselves out, but it can compromise the security of your home. Hide a lock box on your property instead so everyone has a way to get inside.

There are so many ways to use a lock box! By following these tips, you’ll find that using a lock box makes your life a lot easier, whether you’re a realtor or not.


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