Office productivity is a key topic of conversation for many business owners and their employees. While most of these discussions may revolve around things like effective scheduling and organizational planning, environmental factors are also important to take into consideration. Interior decorating can be leveraged for branding purposes and it may also improve the office atmosphere if done correctly. Here are a few tips on how you can make use of window treatments to create a more positive working space.

Window treatment options

Window treatments come in all shapes and sizes. There are cellular shades, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, drapes, shades, shutters and even window film. They can all be used to create different moods and designs, and may even serve different purposes. Frosted window film may be useful, for instance, to create some level privacy in an office that has lots of glass, without necessarily creating a closed-off atmosphere. Heat control window film is also useful for making an office space more comfortable for workers, particularly if an area is prone to receiving too much sunlight.

Get some advice from your window treatment retailer or wholesaler before making any purchases, as many offices feature odd corners or spaces that may not necessarily work well with a particular window treatment. Traditional curtain rods, for instance, require a certain amount of space in order to be both stylish and functional. A tension rod might be a better bet if a window is awkwardly placed in a corner. Older buildings often feature arched windows, which might look better with flowing drapes rather than shutters or blinds, especially if complete light control is a desired feature.

Smart shades

Beyond your traditional window treatments, these days, it’s possible to buy nearly everything in some automated shape or form. From smart lightbulbs to automated window coverings such as a motorized solar shade, the options are truly endless. Smart shades are perfect for offices that prioritize modernity and are into having the latest gear. Many types can be often integrated with other smart systems, so that for instance your lights automatically go out when the shades go up. Some smart shades can also be programmed into different ‘scenes’ in combination with lighting, creating different atmospheres that can be selected at the click of a button (or even via voice command). It’s perfect for workers who want to control their office atmosphere, creating the best ambience suited to their working habits.

The importance of lighting

Studies have shown time and time again that the office environment has a significant effect on employee productivity. Lighting is a crucial factor for many workers, especially given how much time many workers spend in front of a screen on a daily basis. Poor lighting can be the cause of physical issues such as eyestrain, and may even contribute to feelings of depression. Overly bright lighting can induce headaches. Make use of natural lighting by investing window blinds that can let in the sun, or sheer curtains rather than heavy drapes.

Colour coordinate

Most people intuitively associate colours with different moods and energies. Brand colours are often chosen with specific purposes in mind. The same principle should be applied to office esthetics. Typically, it’s a good idea to stick to a colour scheme that comprises of no more than three, maybe four different colours. Choose window treatments that come in colours and in designs that suit the rest of the office’s colour scheme in order to contribute to a sense of harmony. Clashing selections can be annoying to look at and may distract workers, even if it’s only on a subconscious level.

Buy from a wholesaler

Wholesale curtains and window treatments are a great option for larger companies looking to redo their entire office space. Whether you’re looking to purchase shades, blinds, drapes or automated window coverings, it’s typically more advantageous for businesses to buy directly from wholesalers in order to save money. B2B offerings allow businesses to purchase their interior design goods in bulk at special rates that are much more competitive than consumer pricing lists. Some businesses may even be able to take advantage of specific tax incentives to save even more money.

Scour magazines, Instagram, Pinterest and other blogs if you’re at a loss for inspiration. There’s no end to the number of offices both big and small that are trending on social media because of the excellent jobs they’ve done of designing their spaces to suit the company culture and employees’ well-being. It may seem like a small thing to change, but the right window treatments will make a positive contribution to the overall look and feel of an office, leading to happier, more productive employees.


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