Try these home security tips before you go on a long holiday

Ensuring your house is secure while you are on holiday may be the one constant niggling worry on your brain while you’re soaking up the sun on the beach. Fortunately, home security has come a long way in recent years, so tracking the safety of your home while abroad is now as easy as it is reassuring.

Read on to find out our best ways to keep your home safe:

Buy high security gadgets for your home

Advanced technology on the market can help keep your modern house safe. The Cocoon, for example, is a sleek HD camera, built with night vision and audio motion sensors; these sensors are able to pick up intruder’s footprints from all over the house, recognising that they don’t fit the regular sonic pattern of your home. The device is connected to an app so you can alert the police if it picks up any dangers.

Likewise, the Piper security camera sits on your mantlepiece, keeping watch over the user’s home from that vantage point. The device has an 80-degree view as well as motion sensing capabilities, sending anything it considers suspicious directly to the homeowner’s phone. This phone integration extends to allowing you to control the device from wherever a user is located, letting the user tilt and pan the camera to inspect their property remotely.

Technology isn’t always the answer

Security experts CMS Keyholding note that technological solutions aren’t always the best form of home security while on holiday; giving a spare key to someone you trust allows them to check in on your property while you’re away from home for an extended period of time. A professional keyholder, friend or neighbour can offer equally effective home security while you’re away, conducting routine visits to your home and allowing you to rest assured that your property is safe.

According to one study, 68,000 people in the UK tag their Instagram posts with an airport location and 66,000 Brits talk about their holiday on Twitter over the course of thirty days. This puts holidaymakers at risk, as they are effectively advertising the fact that their homes are empty. After Friedland surveyed fifty ex-burglars in 2011, it was revealed that 39 of those asked admitted to using social media to identify potential targets. Considering the increasing popularity of social media platforms the ensuing six years, that percentage is likely to have gone up as well.

Everybody needs good neighbours

An empty driveway will give potential burglars the impression that you aren’t home, and research has shown that over 85% of people rarely speak to their neighbours. Well, it’s time we spark a revolution. Ironically, leaving your property for an extended period of time is a great excuse to befriend your neighbours and ask them to park their vehicles in your drive when you’re away on holiday.

Another great way to keep your home safe and potential fraudsters away is to sign up to Royal Mail Keepsafe. This service keeps hold of your mail while you are away, ensuring that a full letterbox or pile of post behind your front door won’t tip off a potential intruder.


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