The importance of choosing the right lock for your new property

Whether you are moving into a new house or a new building for your business, it is highly recommended that you improve the security of that property. Making sure you have the best type of door lock for your property is always a good investment and offers many advantages beyond peace of mind. Here are some important reasons why you should think about what type lock can provide the best security.

Reducing the risk of burglary

People who have been living in their new home for less than a year are almost twice as likely to be burgled than the average person who has been living in their home for longer. Homes without security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures such as having the right locks. If you want to avoid being part of this statistic, make sure you choose the best type of lock for your door, in order to reduce the risk of burglary. Burglars can easily pick poor quality door locks to gain access to your home.

There are many different types of locks available, from deadbolts, to mortice or cylinder locks, and sometimes it may be difficult to choose the right one. In their guide to the best door locks, Bridger Security stress the importance of having mortice lock with the kitemark BS3621, which acts as a security guarantee. The mechanics of these locks are located inside a door, and are preferred by insurers.

Lowering the cost of your home insurance

A major advantage of fitting the right locks is that homeowners can get their insurance at a more reasonable price. Some insurance companies will apply discounts if they believe that your property is safe against thieves and burglars, with many providers having their own approved list of locks.

More home security also adds value to your property, as you will be able to ask for more money when you sell or rent your home later on. Also, quality home security will attract more potential buyers, as everyone wants their home to be as safe as possible.

Modern locks ensure that only you have access to your home

Replacing the door locks in your new home will not only keep burglars or strangers out, but it will ensure that the previous occupants are also unable to access the property. This will also prevent anyone who may have previously carried out any work in the house before.

Modern door locks are made from strong and durable materials, such as brass or die-cast zinc, making it harder for thieves to crack them. By comparison, older door locks were mainly made of bronze and wood, which were easier materials to pick or break. If you have modern locks, you will pay less for repairs or replacements, which will save you money in the long run.

Even if your home has the most advanced security system, your home will not be fully complete unless you have good locks on your door. Taking the time to research and install the best door lock for your new home will provide you with a solid line of protection for your family and your belongings.


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