Secrets to a budget-friendly makeover

As you sit inside your charming three-bedroom home overlooking a quiet little pond in the middle of nowhere, images of funky retro furniture dotted with accent pieces run through your mind. You have already painted the walls bright colors to give “pop” to the various rooms in the place, and you know exactly where to shop for those Pier 1 pillows to decorate your home. Do not forget about the idea of planting a small garden that you have been playing around with in your head, a place where you hang out with a glass of wine when it’s cool enough. Then, you remember that you are definitely on a budget, and all those visions of a cozy bohemian abode go right out the door. However, those wanting to give their home a makeover do not have to abandon their desire, as the most simple of changes can enhance the appearance of a home, making it feel brand new.

Making over both the inside and outside of a home has many advantages. For one, from the outside, lawn care is important for curb appeal. A lawn that is well-maintained not only says something about the effort that one has placed into making a yard nice, but it also affects the house’s value. A well-manicured yard might be worth more than one that is not maintained on a regular basis. This fact also applies to the interior of the home. Remodeling the cabinets and the floors can increase the property value by thousands of dollars. More importantly, homeowners benefit from being able to transform their home into a comfortable place to live.

While it would be great to make over a home, the reality is that remodeling can be pretty expensive. Remodeling projects can run into the thousands depending on what is being renovated. However, budget-savvy homeowners can significantly pare down any costs related to redecorating a home by making budget-friendly changes that can drastically change the appearance of the home until more affordable options are available.

The most common budget-friendly changes that a homeowner can make are very simple ones that cost very little to nothing.

  • Painting or repainting rooms is probably one of the cheapest ways to change the appearance of a home. Flow colors from room to room by using two colors that are compatible with each other and with the furniture in the rooms. By using two coordinating colors, homeowners can reduce the amount of paint that’s wasted. To create a high-end look, peruse housing style magazines that offer tips as to what colors can be used to recreate this effect. Also, another way to budget is by choosing neutral color schemes that can be matched easily with furniture and other accessories. Paint can also be used to change the color of furniture as part of DIY projects. Most importantly, the best way to save on paint is to shop for bargains at hardware stores.
  • Jazzing up windows with treatments or installing DIY shutters is an additional way to change the look of a room. Replacing old windows can be expensive, so using window treatments or shutters creates the same effect without that dent in your pocket book.
  • Make over lighting fixtures by replacing those that are dated with more trendy, current pieces by shopping at second-hand stores and flea markets to save on additional costs.
  • When looking to replace furniture, shop at second-hand stores, or better yet, purchase furniture covers that might give the space a different feel. If your furniture needs replacing, redecorate the home with lighter pieces. Replace heavy furniture with light pieces such as futons, and then dot living room space with beanbags for a whimsical feel. Exchange clunky wooden coffee tables with lighter, inexpensive glass tables.
  • Use accent rugs and tapestries to add style to the rooms in your home.
  • To enhance the outside of your home, replace old doors and garage doors to improve the look of the exterior.

Homeowners can cut costs on any makeover project in a number of ways, but the above are some of the easiest ways to do so.

Those dreams of lounging around on Sundays in your newly decked out place are still within reach, even though you might not have that Martha Stewart makeover budget. Small changes made in and outside of the home can create the same atmosphere as an expensive home makeover. More significantly, these small makeover ideas can recreate the same effect of those conjured up at the beginning of this article.


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