4 surprises and what to do about them

Both good and bad surprises will happen to you during your lifetime. It just comes with the territory. And often, the only thing different between one person and another person when it comes to these types of events is that certain people will seem more prepared and have a better attitude, and then others won’t.

If you think about things like car accidents, surprise parties in your honor, unexpected pregnancies, and illnesses that come out of nowhere, they are all opportunities for people to sink or swim when it comes to dealing with incidents and their consequences. Preparing for surprises and advance is one of the best ways to respect how you’ll handle a situation later.

Car Accident

One of the worst kind of surprises is when you get in an unexpected car accident. Obviously, no one ever plans car accidents, but still, when they do occur, they can throw everyone for a loop. If you think in advance about what you would do if your car gets hit or perhaps you have some vehicle malfunction, then you’ll be better prepared to handle the real situation.

Parties In Your Honor

Not everybody likes surprise parties. They can be very stressful, and some people even will refrain from making friends because they don’t want to end up in a situation where they could be surprised at some point. To get rid of some of the negative potential of surprise parties, just imagine what would happen if one of them occurred. A lot of your friends and family jumping up and saying “happy birthday!” or “happy anniversary!” – imagine that is a real event that is occurring, and then decide with the appropriate response would be from you.


How many stories have you heard about people dealing with surprise pregnancies? For as much preparation as you can make to avoid pregnancies with various kinds of contraception, there are always going to be instances where those methods don’t work. Think in advance what you would do if you and your partner became pregnant, and then meditate about the types of responses you should have.


Then there is the matter of surprise illnesses. There are lots of stories of people go to the doctor and suddenly find out that they have cancer or diabetes. You can go from feeling like you have a healthy life all the way to feeling like everything is in chaos in a very short amount of time. Though nothing will prepare you for a direct shot of reality like that, at least thinking through that sort of occurrence in advance will let you move toward action steps more calmly.



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