5 Invisible Dangers to Your Home

There are many things that can put the security of our home at risk, but how do you nip a problem in the bud if you cannot see it? Below we have listed five common issues that are not immediately visible to the eye.

Gas Problem

One of the more serious issues that may not be immediately apparent until it is too late. If you smell a gas leak in your home then call in an expert as soon as possible before you do anything else because, depending on the substance, all it can take is for a light bulb to be switched on to cause a reaction.

Gas cookers and tanks should be regularly checked and inspected before use and at regular intervals, even if they will not be used in the immediate future. The smell of gas can be very distinctive but can be easily missed for a variety of reasons so be vigilant.

Dry Rot

This common issue is not invisible in the way that you cannot see it, but because it is likely to form in places that do not see much activity. Basements and attics, especially when they are not well ventilated, are common areas for dry rot to form.

When left untreated, dry rot can spread and cause damage to the structure of the building. In cities such as London, where houses are commonly built close together, it is common for dry rot to form largely because of the lack of ventilation that comes with terraced housing. Depending on the severity of infestation, the treatment of dry rot will vary.


If your property was built prior to the year 2000, there is a good chance that asbestos may have been used for insulation purposes. This was before the dangers of using the group of microscopic fibres were known, having been linked to lung cancer and related illnesses.

Those most at risk of developing illnesses that can be related to asbestos are those who have had the highest amount of exposure. This includes professions such as carpenters, painters and electricians to name just a few. Arrange for a full property survey to be carried out prior to moving into your new home or commercial building.


With much of the building’s plumbing hidden behind walls, it can be difficult to diagnose a problem before a leak causes serious damage. Holes in the ceiling can be formed overnight as the result of a leak, causing a build-up of water to gather in one spot.

Leaks can also cause damp problems throughout the building, especially in the damp proof membrane in ground floor walls is defective and allows moisture to travel up. If you have any reason to suspect that all is not right with your building’s plumbing, even if it is just a minor blockage, be sure to inspect the issue.


Rodents aren’t invisible, but they can keep themselves well-hidden for long periods of time before their presence is known. It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare to find a rat scurrying across the kitchen floor, or come across droppings that you know are not from any hamster.

Mice and rats are dirty and can carry all sorts of diseases that can be harmful. Also, these rodents can and may bite, causing physical harm and possibly requiring a tetanus shot. Keep your home clean to help avoid mice and rats from coming in.

These are just a handful of the possible dangers to watch out for in your home that may not be immediately noticeable. As long as you keep your home tidy and carry out regular checks, then you will ensure that your home is free from invisible risks.


  1. Thank you for the heads up about all the potential diseases that rats and mice can bring into your home. Reading about this has definitely made me alarmed at the fact that we’ve noticed a couple of them just scurrying around our kitchen lately. I’ll have a professional pest control service stop by so we can have them finally exterminated.


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