Studies show that 5 out of 10 marriages end in divorce. But what about the other 5 out of 10? Just because the other 50% don’t get divorced doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are in a happy marriage. Many people remain in unhappy marriages regardless of not getting what they need out of the relationship.

The reasons why can vary from couple to couple, however, most of the time the factors boil down to the same reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons why most people stay in marriages despite being unhappy.

Fear of Change

Getting a divorce is no small task. Not only does it involve having to hire a lawyer, divide assets, and uproot yourselves into separate living situations, it can be a long road of fighting and conflict.

Many people are so turned off by the idea of having to handle these new changes and things to worry about that they would rather stay complacent in the marriage. Unfortunately what this often leads to are the partners resenting each other more and more as the tension grows. It commonly leads to an even more explosive separation and divorce. Rather than letting things get worse and worse, it’s ideal to make a decision as early on as possible.

For The Kids

Divorce is complicated as it is. When you add children to the equation it can start to become even more complicated and full of details which require a lot of paperwork and negotiation.

There is also the concern of fearing that you will somehow be letting down your children as parents if you are no longer together. However, enough evidence shows that you can potentially do more damage to your children by staying with your spouse in an unhappy marriage. Your children will benefit more from seeing their parents happy and separated rather than together and miserable.

Financial Reasons

It can be daunting to imagine uprooting your life and starting on a single salary rather than a combined income which you have become accustomed to in your marriage.

The fear of having to downsize your house or find a better paying job is a lot to imagine for your wallet. Therefore, many people decide to forego the change altogether. They prefer comfort and stability over the possibility of finding happiness alone free of arguments.

Fear of Spouse

Some couples are so afraid of hurting the other spouse or making them angry that they put the needs of the other over the needs of themselves. However, when you base your life decisions off of the approval of others you will only find dissatisfaction at every turn.

Making the best choices not only for the greater good but also for yourself is crucial in making the most of your life.


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