When you first decide to relocate to a new area of the country there is nothing but euphoria at the prospect of a new beginning. That is quickly followed by the logistics of transporting all of your belongings from Miami to Portland, or any other cross country move. This can be an overwhelming and daunting task, but there is one way to make the entire process far easier. Sell the majority of your furniture before you leave.

This can be done the old-fashioned way with a yard sale but there are easier methods. Most thrift shops will come to your home and take away all the furniture for a flat price, but that won’t usually net the highest return. Facebook has a robust marketplace that allows users to share offerings and take bids within the Facebook platform. It allows you to learn something about the person who is making the offer and reaches a wider range of people than a post on Craigslist or signs in the neighborhood. But why should you sell?

Make Extra Money

Depending on how much you decide to part with, you could make a lot of extra money before your move by selling off furniture, appliances, and other items to which you have no emotional attachment. This doesn’t mean sell family antiques necessarily, but if you’ve been holding on to them out of a sense of obligation rather than an authentic fondness it might make sense to find them a new home too.

While you are selling the big stuff, make the time to thoroughly go through all of the little stuff as well. While you could pack every single thing neatly in moving boxes and transport it with you, do you really want to? There is certain freedom that comes for evaluating your life and letting go of those things that no longer reflect you as a person or the stage of life you are in. If you loved to ski in high school but haven’t been on the slopes in 20 years and are moving to Florida, does it really make sense to pack them and take them with you?

Consider the joy the items you don’t genuinely treasure anymore could bring to a new owner. Also, remember that while you are making money off of the transaction, they are saving money compared to the cost of buying a similar item new.

Save Money and Time

You will also save money on the sale. Moving is expensive and the fewer things you have to move the more money you will save. Specifically, long distance moves are priced by weight and the weight increases dramatically with larger items. Although those smaller items like books can add up quickly too. The amount you can save by dramatically reducing your household inventory can be thousands of dollars.

You may think it will take too much time to go through everything and decide what you want to keep and what you want to sell but you will spend the time packing and unpacking regardless. If part of the time that would have been devoted to packing is reallocated to selling, you will ultimately save time on the other end of the equation when it is time to unpack at your new home.

Revitalize Your Home

If you have truly embraced the idea of selling everything you don’t completely love and treasure, it is possible you will arrive at your new destination with just a few cars full of possessions. That means when you get to your new home, you will have a blank canvas.

This is especially fortunate if your new home has significantly different proportions than the previous home. Furniture that was just the right size before you moved could be far too big or too small for the new location. The freedom to purchase only what you need and love in exactly the right sizes and colors can feel like an exciting adventure. This is an adventure you will even be able to afford when you combine the money you’ve made from selling your furniture with the money you saved by not having to move it to the new location.

When you start shopping for new furniture, make sure you look online at the big retailers but also consider the locally owned stores. They often have much better deals on delivery and setup and can have prices that rival those found online. If you’re in the New Jersey area, Home Living Furniture has a website and local stores but regardless of where you move it can really pay off to shop locally.

Selling your furniture and other belongings before a big move is a solid financial choice. It can also be emotionally freeing as you say goodbye to those things that don’t have a meaningful place in your future. The trip will be even more enjoyable when it is physically and emotionally lighter.

By Ravi Kumarr Gupta


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