No one plans on being injured while they walk their dog, go for a run, or just want to check the post, but it happens regularly. In fact, some personal injury victims have had accidents while they were minding their business in their own homes. While you don’t need to be paranoid about potentially being injured at every turn, you should live your life as if the unexpected can occur at any moment. Full medical insurance with both short and long-term disability coverage should be carried in case of an accident that occurs at work or while you cross the street in front of your home. Here are the various ways that personal injuries can occur and what can be done to protect your best interests.

Being Bit by a Neighbour’s Dog

Dog bites are still a rather common occurrence, even with dog leash laws and various bans on dangerous dog breeds. If a dog were to get loose and then attack you without being provoked, you could have a personal injury claim. It is likely that an attorney would ask you what you were doing leading up to being bitten by a dog, just to outline that the attack could not have reasonably been prevented. Often, dogs that have bitten people in the past will have a history of attacks. Remember that you should not attempt to approach any dogs that you aren’t personally familiar with unless you get permission from their owners. Even then, approaching a dog that you don’t know or trust 100% should be done at your own risk.

Slipping and Falling on Public Property

There’s a reason why city workers can be seen at public parks and public roads, ploughing snow and putting salt down so that ice does not form. Public areas have to be maintained so that they are safe at all times. Any area that can’t be safeguarded needs to be closed to the public at once. This is a reason why you’ll see do not enter signs put around areas that become treacherous in the winter, as public officials don’t want to be at risk of slip and fall claims. All you can do to avoid slipping and falling in a public area is to travel cautiously when the ground looks wet or icy.

Getting Hit by A Negligent Driver

Being involved in a car accident while you are a driver or passenger can be really hard on your physical and emotional health. On the other hand, very serious injuries are often sustained by pedestrians who are hit by cars. So long as you are cautious while crossing roadways, you may be able to be avoid getting hit by vehicles, but there are many reckless drivers who jump lights and drive while intoxicated.

It is possible to be injured while grocery shopping, driving, or just enjoying a walk through your neighbourhood. So long as you are aware of your immediate surroundings and act responsibly, you should be able to get back up and continue moving around even if you do get hurt. Try to minimise injuries by moving away from danger as soon as you see it approaching.


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