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4 ideas for a first date


Going on a first date is something that can be a lot of pressure n a couple. Since you don’t know each other yet or have a sense of who they are as a person it can be a challenge to try to try to think of something to do together which would be suitable.

Rather than racking your brain and stressing over exactly the best choice and whether you are going to choose something which is “first date appropriate” take a look at some of the simplest and easiest choices.

Watch An Event Together

Going to a formal dinner together can be something which is a lot of pressure for two people who have just met. Therefore having something to focus on other than just staring at each other and being forced to converse can be a great way to ease the pressure of a first date.

Ideas can be going to a sporting event, or even seeing a performance like a concert. Try to get a feel for what the person likes before the first date by giving them some options to choose from. This way you can ensure that you don’t choose something which isn’t suited for the occasion.

Take a Class Together

It can be fun to take a class together the first time you meet since it gives you an activity to partake in as a team. A dancing class could be a great way to see if you move well together and take direction as a team. Other ideas include taking an art or music class.

This focus on an activity can ease nerves and lighten the atmosphere. You may find that even if you are no good at the activity you are doing together you may have a good laugh over it together.

Go To a Bar

Going to a bar for a beer or cocktail, unlike having a formal dinner at a restaurant is a great way to break the ice and converse under more casual circumstances.

It’s important not to drink too much when you have a first date at a bar since you can make a sloppy first impression, or in some cases even put yourself in danger, however, with enough self-restraint, it can be a great first date environment and much more relaxed.

Take a Walk

Going for a walk together is not only something enjoyable, but it’s incredibly romantic without much pressure. When you enjoy a walk together you have time to slow down and really take the time to get to know them as a person.

Try to think of places which have a long enough path to give you at least an hour of conversation as you stroll. This way you have plenty of time to really get a feel for who they are.


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