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4 reasons why it’s time to replace your front door


A front door should not only be good-looking. It should also be secure and durable to withstand extreme weather conditions. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important parts of a home that homeowners need to prioritise. It can add to the value of your home, reduce energy consumption and improve comfort. So, when does it make sense to buy a new door?

1.- Your door is dented, scratched or weathered

A well-maintained door can last a long time, but there will be a time when it is more practical to replace than to repair. If your door is old and worn, the reason to replace it with a new one is for greater security. It will be more difficult for burglars to enter your home. When looking to buy a new door, it is best to choose a solid door with a multilocking system such as the cheap composite doors at Truedor.

2.- Your door is costing you money

Old doors might not be energy efficient, unlike most new doors offered today. They could be letting heat out as they have less insulation. Worn out doors may also have gaps that let heat out. Upgrading to a more energy efficient door is a smart thing to do because you can recoup the expense through savings on your energy bills. You can choose a door fitted with weather seals or double-glazing and you can enjoy a quieter, more comfortable home.

3.- You are looking to improve your home’s kerb appeal

Perhaps you are preparing your home for sale or you simply want to improve the look of your home. The front door could be a good starting point as it is the focal point of the exterior. It can make a good first impression, and if you are trying to sell your property, you can recoup the cost at resale. A high-quality front door can even add value to your home.

4.- You want an easy-to-maintain door

When investing in a front door, you want something that is easy to maintain. These days, there are more door options that are easier to clean and maintain. You don’t want to worry about the door fading, denting or warping, so it is practical to upgrade your front door to something that is hassle-free in terms of maintenance. Composite doors are a good option as they are strong and made to last for decades.

When deciding to buy a new front door, think not only of the problems your current door has, but also of the benefits that a new one will bring. It would be smart to find a replacement if the door has cracks or is becoming a hassle when closing or locking. A new, great looking front door offers better home appearance, ease of use, greater security, and energy efficiency. If you are on a budget, shop around for quality, affordable options.


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