There was a time when you didn’t have much choice when it came to choosing the material for your garage doors – there was steel or wood, and that was about it. Luckily, times have changed, and garage doors have evolved. Not only is there much more technology you can take advantage of, there is also a great range of new materials to choose from, each with their own advantages and benefits.

However, how do you choose? There’s durability to consider, as well as maintenance. Prestige Doors recommend getting your garage door serviced at least once a year. Keeping the hinges lubricated and working properly will prolong its life, a worthwhile investment for any garage owner. There’s style and design to think of. And of course, there’s the budget to control. Are you planning on installing a new garage door? Here’s a look at your top options for garage door materials.


Steel is the classic, and probably the most popular one – for good reason. First of all, steel is reasonably priced and very durable, so it lasts a long time. In can be painted in any colour you choose and with modern technology it can even be made to look like wood. However, it’s a poor insulator and if you choose the thinner (cheaper) doors, it’s likely to bend when there’s impact.


Aluminum is very much like steel in the sense that it’s quite affordable and can last for a long time. It has the added feature that it can easily be shaped and decorated when it comes to textures. However, just like steel, it’s easy to bend when there’s an impact, even by the throwing of a basketball.


It’s the oldest material to be used for garage doors, and it remains a classic. It gives the home a traditional and warm style. The price range varies greatly, depending on the sturdiness and the grade. It insulates better than steel or aluminum, though it does require more maintenance as it has to be refinished on a regular basis.


There aren’t many garage doors that are made out of fiberglass, but they do exist and are worth checking out. They offer great resistance to impact and don’t dent easily. Fiberglass is strong and very light, and shows a very good resistance to salt-water atmospheres; excellent for coastal regions – though it is a poor insulator.

Before you decide which material is right for your garage door, it’s good to list down the advantages and shortcomings of each and balance them against your personal circumstances, as confirmed by garage door repair Thousand Oaks specialists like DoReMi Garage Doors. Consider the weather and climate in your area, and see how this will affect the durability and maintenance requirements. Consider how often the door will be moving, opening and closing, and other ways it must operate (and by whom). The choice is personal, but it should be based on practical considerations as well as style and comfort.


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