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When things get stolen


Do you have a plan of action for when things of yours get stolen? That may seem like a bit of a strange question, but once you start thinking about it, a little bit of preparation for specific types of events will go a long way.

Think about if some of your jewelry is stolen either from your home or a purse for example. Think about what you should do if your credit cards are stolen. On a more philosophical level, what do you do when someone takes your identity? And a final point to ponder might be if you’re in a situation where someone steals your luggage when you’re traveling. Each of these deserves a little bit of thought in advance.


One of the easiest things to have stolen is your jewelry. That is the first thing that thieves will go after in a home burglary. And in major cities, there are also people who figure out how to steal jewelry right off if you, usually using teams of people. These kinds of thieves are tough to detect and prosecute. So as safe as you might try to act, it’s so important to know what to do in the event of stolen belongings.

Credit Cards

If someone steals your credit cards, you need to shut down those accounts immediately. Even though there is some fraud protection in place through most debit and credit cards, people can do a lot of damage to your credit very quickly. You should check all of the transactions on your credit cards at least once a day, and that will prevent the majority of the catastrophic issues from happening when someone gets a hold of your physical credit card or even just the numbers.


Associated with the idea of credit card theft is the idea of identity theft. If a hacker learns your Social Security number, your email address, and a few other key pieces of information, they can start opening up accounts in your name or causing havoc across your digital presence. Social media access gives a lot of people a chance to create damage if they can figure out how to virtually become you in the digital realm.


An incredibly frustrating form of theft is when your luggage gets stolen when you’re traveling. You should probably think about what to do in advance if this were ever to occur. You never want to keep essential documents in any luggage that’s away from you, so keep those in a carry-on bag. Make sure you know a number to call order and office to visit if your baggage doesn’t show up where it’s supposed to at a terminal. Luggage gets stolen every day, but there are ways to try to trace it as well as possible.


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