When winter strikes, it’s going to be cold, which means you aren’t going to want to do certain tasks – particularly those which involve going outside. If that’s the case for you, then there are several jobs for you to do before the snow starts falling. You need to prepare for the dangers of the season, how you’ll stay entertained indoors, and how you’ll make the home as comfortable as possible. If you leave too much to the last minute then it either won’t get done, and you’ll have to make do without preparation, or else you’ll only be increasing the dangers by trying to do too much when the ground is slippery, and the visibility is the poorest it is all year round. As it gets cooler through each day of fall, let each shiver remind you that you need to get active before it’s too late.


There are numerous safety risks as the coldest season draws near, and this is truer the further north you are. One of the key dangers is for drivers, so make sure you do all that you can to research winter car maintenance tips before it’s so cold that working on your car is going to be difficult. One useful safety measure is to keep blankets and coats in the car, should it break down, and even, if you’re facing a particularly bad winter, a flare gun wouldn’t go amiss. If your children often play out on the driveway, then you shouldn’t let winter hit without purchasing a snow shovel, to keep the driveway clear and less slippery. It might also be worth buying a few supplies like tinned goods, just in case you’re trapped inside, or the power dies.


None of your family is going to want to spend much time outside when the winter months come, so you need to be prepared to keep everybody entertained. This is the best way to avoid you all feeling cooped up. It might be worth treating your family to a new TV package that has all of your favorite films included, and you could also stock the shelves with new books, so everybody always has something to do. You should also spend some time planning out who’s going to be visiting whom when holiday season strikes, as well as buying presents, as this will keep you feeling buoyant inside.


Either buy or make your own blankets and cushions, so that all of your seating places are comfortable and warm. It might also be worth investing in triple glazed windows if you don’t have them already, as well as some extra attic insulation. Your family will appreciate new boots and coats for the times when there’s no avoiding going outside, and you should have a box to keep all of your family’s gloves, hats and scarfs organized, as they’re going to be used more regularly very soon. However, it’s most important that you start these preparations as early as you can, before the cold starts to affect your motivation.


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