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Time to deep clean your house!

Home & FamilyTime to deep clean your house!

The time has come again to deep clean your house! And this time, you have a plan. You’re going to do the things that you hate doing. You are going to clean the things that have never been cleaned. You are going to kick everyone out of your house for as long as you need to to do the top to bottom scrubbing. And you are going to hire people as necessary.

Major categories of deep cleaning are going to include the carpets, the exterior of your home, the ceiling and walls, and every aspect of the kitchen. If you go through those four categories and spend as much time as necessary on each, your home will be spick-and-span in no time.

The Carpets

How many pairs of dirty shoes have walked through your home? How many pets have laid down sleeping? How many seasons have gone by with mud, leaves, sand, dirt, and every other possible imaginable thing getting smashed in the carpet fibers? It is time to do a deep carpet cleaning. This may be the most exhaustive aspect of your deep cleaning, but it also produces the most tangible results, and that all of those odors will be eliminated entirely.

The Exterior

Power washing the outside of your house is a big deal as well. Especially if you have any trees nearby, leaves will fall on your roof and get into your siding, and then bits and pieces will be left behind to rot and stick to everything. Make sure all of your windows and doors are sealed and then go to town scrubbing that exterior until there’s nothing left on it but what was there when it was brand-new.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Back to the interior of your home, when was the last time you wiped down the ceiling and walls? Some people never get around to this. They may get rid of handprints occasionally, or do some light dusting up high, but scrubbing down everything from top to bottom with powerful cleaners will make a huge difference in the overall feel of your household.

All Around the Kitchen

And finally we come to the kitchen. Grease, smoke, food particles, and all of the other parts of your cooking projects are going to be centered in your kitchen. If you take a few days and wash all of the dishes, scrub all of the kitchen appliances, really dig into the area in and around the stove, and scrub the floors until they squeak, then you’ll know what it’s like to be in a clean kitchen again. After your deep cleaning is done, it will be easier to maintain for a little while because you’ll have that essential cleanliness completed.


  1. […] Maintaining your home involves more than just sweeping and mopping floors and doing the light dusting. In order to prevent the development of odors, mold, and mildew you need to do a thorough cleaning. This includes the rugs, the walls, the ceilings, the cupboards, the basement and the attic. In the kitchen, move appliances like the stove and refrigerator to remove all the dirt and dust that naturally settles and collects over time. Not only will this reduce the presence of odors, but it will also allow your appliances to run properly without laboring. Take your bucket and hose outdoors too and wash off seasonal debris that collects to the roof, windows and doors from the elements. Clean windows let an abundance of natural light shine through saving you money on your electric bill. […]

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