As a parent, you have probably noticed from a very early age that your child has a natural love for animals of all kinds. Unfortunately, so many well-meaning moms and dads miss out on a great opportunity for encouraging their child to pursue a lucrative and fulfilling career as a vet. No matter what age your child is at the moment if you notice your son or daughter having a connection with the animal kingdom, encourage them to explore age-appropriate ways of working with the animals they love. Here are a few tips to help you encourage your child to pursue their dreams of becoming a vet.

Don’t Deny Your Child a Pet

One of the biggest mistakes many parents make is in forbidding their children to have a pet at an early age. Yes, it may mean mom and dad need to take an active role in teaching their child to care for a dog, cat, bird or some odd exotic pet, but the future rewards are unlimited. Not only are you encouraging your child to work with and care for animals, but you are teaching them responsibility as well.

Help Older Kids Volunteer at Rescue Ranches and Animal Shelters

As your children grow, you can help them find animal shelters and/or rescue ranches where they can volunteer to help walk and feed those unwanted animals. Sometimes, there are even wildlife reserves that need help feeding baby birds and forest creatures, which have been brought in by staff and members of the community.

Encourage Teens to Get After School and Summer Jobs in the Field

Most teens want to earn spending money during the summer – and during the school year as well. If your child absolutely loves working with animals, why not help them find a job in a vet’s office? Sometimes, on-the-job training as a vet tech encourages them to go all the way to becoming a veterinary doctor. This is the time to begin checking out the top vet schools, which your child may want to attend. It gives them a goal to strive towards.

Always Praise Their Love for the Animal Kingdom

Finally, never act like your child’s affinity for the animal kingdom is silly or a passing fancy. Some of the greatest vets began their career as early as their toddler years! Believe it or not, parents can play a huge role in encouraging children to pursue a career as a vet. Praise their love for animals and show them how proud you are of them for taking care of ‘God’s creatures’. A word of encouragement from mom or dad goes a very long way in the life of a child.

Becoming a vet is a lifelong career with huge earning potential. Not only will your child be doing work they love but they will also be able to make and sustain a decent living in that job. Help them achieve good grades in school and teach them the value of pursuing their dreams. What you do today can influence your child’s career options, so choose your words and actions wisely. Who knows? Someday you just might have a doctor in the family, albeit a vet. A vet by any other name is still a doctor. Remember that!


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