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3 plumbing issues best left to a professional plumber


In today’s world where the do-it-yourself approach has become one of the most popular ways of tackling a slew of different issues, there are still some problems that are best left in the hands of a professional. One particularly complicated and nasty situation that requires the expertise of a specialist is plumbing-related issues. While certain predicaments such as a clogged drain or toilet can usually be tackled with the right tools and resources, far more troubling dilemmas can be too vexing to overcome and fixing them on your own can generally create more problems than it solves. Needless to say, the experience of a trained plumber is required in these cases.

1.- Boiler

Boilers, as the name suggests, primarily exist for the purpose of generating hot water. Having one that is broken or not functioning as it should can pose big problems, especially during the cold season. Boilers are specialised equipment that is ill-advised to be tampered with by anyone who doesn’t have both the right expertise and tools for the job. Even with all the resources available online, it won’t beat the trained eyes of an experienced plumber who will be able to tell whether it can still be repaired and salvaged or if a replacement is the only solution.

2.- Pipe work

Pipes serve as the infrastructure for the entire plumbing system, and any issues with them can be potentially catastrophic, ranging from a critical lack of water to a severe amount of it being expelled. Depending on the severity of the damage you may be able to create a temporary fix. However, if the problem itself isn’t visible then there’s no point in even trying. In this case, common sense dictates that you immediately find and hire the services of a plumber. Time wasted trying to sort out the mess on your own can result in further damage being caused.

3.- Ensuring gas safety

It is good common practice to have regular gas safety checks and maintenance carried out by a professional because it demands nothing less than an expert in the field. There are plenty of gas appliances and fittings which can all be sources of carbon monoxide. As we all know, this can be particularly dangerous in high volumes and can be lethal if left unchecked. Just be sure that your plumber has the necessary credentials to check your gas system.

As cost-effective and practical as the do-it-yourself mentality may be, professional services that provide specialist work exist for a reason. Thinking that everything can be tackled by DIY may be admirable, but there is a limit to what we can all do on our own and plumbing problems are just one of them. When in doubt, just do a quick search online for “find a plumber near me” and you should get plenty of options.


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