The main characteristic of a country house is its relationship with nature and the possibility it offers us to be in, and enjoy, a quiet and cosy space, whether it’s only for a weekend, to spend the holidays, or even to live. Let’s discover how to successfully decorate your house with a touch of rustic charm.

One of the main characteristics of country houses is that they are usually decorated in a rustic style, with elements that are related to nature or that are associated with the traditional country lifestyle. However, it’s becoming more common to find mixtures of styles, merging the classic and the contemporary, which can also make such spaces look very good.

Take your time – develop your own style

The style that you want to develop in your house will vary according to your tastes and your own individual personality. The important thing is to always look for and choose good quality and beautiful country-themed products like those supplied by where you can find a lot of furniture, ornaments, footstools, throws, handmade oak items, and much more, that will add a special touch to the decoration of your house.

Creating tranquility

It is very important that each of the spaces in your house provides a feeling of tranquility and warmth, peace and comfort. To achieve this, good use of colour is very important. Try using warm or neutral tones and themes that include flowers or nature. The use of coffee- or ochre-based colours, and earth tones or terracotta mixed with wooden furniture is a classic, and often perfect, combination.

Lamps with yellow light are excellent for creating a cosy space. Include handmade fabrics, put flowers around the house, inside and out, and use patterned cushions according to the tone of the seats.

Wood wins every time

The furniture is the basis of comfort and appearance in a country house; try to focus on traditional wooden items, possibly with wrought iron features, and have coffee tables with decorative elements according to the main theme you choose. Also, consider putting a couple of rustic benches to complement the terrace or outdoor area.

A few little extras

Hand-made dolls for bedrooms, along with floral comforters, antique shades of soft colours, bird cages hung outside from the roof, animal figures for centerpieces, wooden trunks, and glass bottles are all excellent companions for traditional country house decor.

Bringing it all together

Using antique glass vases, with fresh flowers, is a great way to bring life and style to every corner of the house, as well as celebrate the changing seasons. Brightly coloured tablecloths with figures of fruits and animals are also a firm favourite. Remember that the decoration should help relate and connect each space to the adjoining one; the colours, the choice of furniture, and the upholstery should all contribute to the exterior and interior spaces being connected and complementing each other.

There’s nothing better than a country house, except a perfect and beautifully decorated country house. Follow these recommendations, and you’ll soon be enjoying a taste of rustic style in your own home.


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