The damage is done and you are now facing a charge for driving under the influence. Instead of assuming you have no recourse, the smart move is to hire a DUI lawyer and prepare for your day in court. Here are some tips that will help make the planning simpler.

Calling for Help Early On

You are not qualified to defend yourself against the charges. If you did not call for legal representation when you were first taken to the police station, now is the time to contact a local drinking and driving lawyer. Once you have legal counsel established, it will be easier to move on to the next phase of the preparation.

Discussing the Events Prior to the Arrest

During your first meeting with the lawyer, expect to discuss every action that took place prior to the arrest. Typically, the legal counsel will want to know what you were doing in the hours leading up to the arrest, including where you were, who was present, and when you decided to head to your vehicle.

The narrative will move on to your encounter with the officer. The lawyer will want to know what was said, the actions each party took, and when you were asked to come to the police station.

The goal is for the lawyer to have a complete understanding of the sequence of events. It’s also a time to look closely at everything the office said and did. That’s because law enforcement officers have specific protocols that they must follow. If your lawyer finds evidence that the officer failed to follow those protocols, that could play a part in structuring your defence.

Discussing What Happened After the Arrest

The lawyer will also want to go over what took place after the arrest, including your subsequent time at the police station. As with the officer who made the initial arrest, those who participated in additional testing and questioning at the police station must follow specific procedures. Your lawyer will want to ensure your rights were observed at all times. If something was not conducted properly at the station, that could also be something that needs to come out during your hearing.

Choosing a Line of Defence

When you have a lawyer who can point to over 1000 DUI cases won, that’s a good indication that the legal counsel will know what sort of defence is right for your case. After hearing your side, talking with any witnesses, and going over the police reports, the lawyer will be in a position to determine how to proceed. That choice will also take into account any prior DUI charges on your record and when they took place.

Remember that your lawyer is there to provide the legal support necessary to ensure the proceedings are conducting in compliance with current laws. Work closely with your legal counsel and always provide complete and honest information. Doing so will make it easier to structure a case that has the best chance of leading to a fair outcome.


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