Now that the mortgage is paid, there’s money to make some of the changes you’ve been thinking about for some time. That includes investing in new windows. As you compare different styles, think long and hard about what sliding windows have to offer. Here are four benefits that make them perfect for your home.

Easy to Open and Close

If there is someone in your home who is not as strong as in years past, the ability to raise and lower a sash may be limited. For many people who have less upper body strength than they did before, sliding windows are a great choice. It takes less effort to move the sash from back and forth than it does to life one up. Everyone can still open the window enough to enjoy a nice breeze and close it quickly if the rain starts.

The Security Factor

Did you know there are special locks made for sliding windows? Those locks can make it impossible to get through the window without breaking the glass. While they effectively stop intruders from getting into the home quickly, those same locks are easy to operate from the inside. If there is ever a need to get out of the house quickly and something is blocking access to the doors, rest assured it will only take a few seconds to release the locks, slide a sash to one side, and make y our exit.

An Energy Efficient Solution

You may have heard that sliding windows are less energy efficient than other designs. That is not the case. Thanks to the attention that goes into making sure every component is made to fit, you won’t have to worry about air seepage around the frame or air coming in from a space in between the sashes. What you will enjoy with those new windows Newmarket is complete control over the temperature in your home. Expect lower heating bills in the winter as well as paying less to cool your home during the summer.

The Beautiful View

Sliding windows come in many sizes and will go a long way toward providing a beautiful view of the outdoors. You can opt for windows that go floor to ceiling and slide along a track. There are also standard sizes that being a few feet from the floor an continue to a couple of inches from the ceiling. You get to decide what dimensions work best for your home. With all of them, you will have a better view of the landscaping around the home.

Before you make a final decision about the new windows, have a contractor visit your home. Talk about the merits of sliding windows, including those with a tilt feature. Once you get estimate for replacement windows in Newmarket and decide it’s reasonable, make arrangements for those sliding windows to be installed. From the very first day, you will realize why that choice was the perfect one for your home.


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