Filing a personal injury claim does not always mean a quick settlement. It can be months or years before a decision is made. In the meantime, how will you take care of yourself financially? Seeking help from a litigation funding company is an excellent solution. Here are four ways they can provide help while your lawyer pursues the personal injury suit.

Providing Cash For Medical Treatments

Even with excellent medical insurance, there are limits to the coverage. What will happen if you exhaust the benefits and must begin paying for those treatments out of pocket? Finding the money to continue the physical therapy will be difficult, especially if you are unable to work.

By choosing to seek help from a litigation funding company, you can get the treatment financing needed to pay for your ongoing medical expenses. Many companies offer plans that ensure you don’t have to repay the funding unless you win your case.

Covering the Costs of Counseling

It’s not always about making a physical recovery from a traumatic accident. There could be some emotional issues that develop. Even if your health insurance does include some provisions for counseling, what happens when those limits are reached? A pre-settlement loan will provide the cash needed to continue the counseling sessions and help you move past the emotional toll of the injury.

Helping With Living Expenses

When you can’t work due to a personal injury, your savings will only take care of the monthly bills for so long. The day will come when there is no more money for rent or a mortgage payment, the utility bills, and even food. Instead of having to do without the essentials, it makes sense to seek help from a lender who will advance money while your case is pending.

If you apply for and receive a loan from a settlement company, the cash will be there to cover all of your typical monthly expenses while you wait for your personal injury case to be resolved. In the meantime, you also have the comfort of knowing that nothing is damaging your credit rating and the positive comments by your creditors will continue.

Modifying Your Home or Vehicle

If the events left you with a permanent loss of mobility, it may be necessary to modify the home or your vehicle. Door frames must be widened, and special equipment must be installed so you can continue to drive. Where will the money come from to manage those tasks?

A settlement lender can provide the cash needed right now. Have the work done on your home and add the auto equipment so you can get to and from work. Knowing that the modifications are made allows you to adjust to these new circumstances and get on with your life.

Don’t assume you must face financial hardship while your settlement is pending. Talk with a litigation funding lender about accident loans and other arrangements today. You will find they make a huge difference as you wait for the outcome of your case.


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