Not everybody knows that there are lawyers out there, like John Peck Legacy Lawyers, who focus specifically on the needs of the over 65s. Most of us have heard of corporate lawyers, litigation lawyers, DUI attorneys, and human right lawyers, but not of elder law lawyers. So what are they and why are they needed?

What Does John Peck Legacy Lawyers Do?

An elder law lawyer like John Peck Legacy Lawyers works specifically to uphold the rights of the over 65s. They are experts in their unique needs, understanding the legalities of issues such as competence, aging, and health. They also understand the physical and mental difficulties that older people usually have, and how those should be addressed legally.

Why Is There a Need for Elderly Law Attorneys?

Elderly individuals become increasingly frail and weak. As a result, they find it more difficult to serve their own needs, particularly in relation to nursing home care, Social Security benefits, Medicare, taxes, estate planning, retirement, and so on. They need somebody who knows all the different elements of this, while at the same time being committed to serving the needs of elderly people. They are advocates for elderly people, always putting their rights in front of anything else.

When Will You Need an Elderly Lawyer?

There are numerous situations in which the services of an elderly lawyer by be needed. Those include:

  1. Protection from abuse. Unfortunately, it is all too common for elder law attorneys to work on cases where the elderly person has been physically or mentally abused. This includes abuse from their own family members, or abuse from nursing or care home staff. Elderly people are at particular risk of their dignity and welfare being taken advantage of, unfortunately.
  2. Financial planning. A lot of older people find that their retirement planning is not going to plan. Elder law attorneys can provide important advice and guidance for this.
  3. Estate planning. Elder law attorneys can help to prepare successions and wills.
  4. Grandparents’ rights, representing elderly people who are no longer allowed contact with their grandchildren.

Besides these issues, good elder law attorneys can also help with:

  1. The provision of financial and fiduciary representation for estate planning, housing, income, tax issues, gift issues, financing, and financial planning, to name but a few.
  2. Providing assistance to individuals who are having difficulties with their spouses. This is commonly seen in situation where one spouse requires long term and/or specialized care, and therefore requires insurance, Veterans’ benefits, Medicaid, and asset protection.
  3. Providing assistance planning for wills and trusts, guardianship and guardianship avoidance, disability discrimination and claims, and grandparents’ rights.
  4. The provision of advice and planning on supplemental and long term health care issues.
  5. Representing their clients in cases such as Medicare claims and appeals, health and mental health problems, probate, fraud, housing and home equity, and nursing home claims.

Any elderly person will probably reach a point where they require some form of legal advice for their own protection. Elderly law attorneys are there to provide that.


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