Winter is here, Christmas is finally approaching, and you’re probably already getting excited about it. Going shopping, searching for the perfect gifts for your friends and family and thinking about the menu for the big dinner you planned are all part of the traditions you’ve kept since you were little. Everybody is eager to spend time with their loved ones this time of the year and decompress from the stress of everyday life.

And, since you’re probably going to spend of the time indoors and you want to make everybody feel cozy and comfortable, here are a few minimal winter looks for your loft that will make it feel bigger with as little effort as possible.

Look #1 – Comfortable but Luxurious

Winter is the best time to indulge in all those luxurious textures that you’d usually avoid the rest of the year. But give it an extra boost of functionality, and focus on the products that you’ll use most during this period. You’re probably going to say “But do you know how much a loft conversion costs? I’ve spent enough on that already; I can’t afford to splurge on luxury items, too!”

You don’t need to fill up your space with them – just a few objects like a fur or velvet throw, or some silk cushions, can completely elevate the space.

Look #2 – Relaxing Corner

The cozy corner where you can drink some tea and read, or watch the snow falling is probably something you’ve dreamed about many times. The great part about it? You don’t need a lot to create it. Choose your favorite window, put a bench or a comfortable chair near it, throw on a big blanket, add a floor lamp and a scented candle, and there you have it – your perfect minimalistic relaxing corner!

Look #3 – Cozy Knits

Knitting and crocheting have lately become a huge trend in interior decorations. The craft has recently resurfaced, and gained popularity amongst the younger generations, as a manifesto against mass manufacturing. So much so, that now the craft has become part of the mass market itself. Cushions, rugs, or even furniture and lighting can include the technique, making the space around them seem cozier than ever, just in time for the cold weather. If you want your loft to keep a minimalist appearance, choose just a few monochromatic objects that will elevate the room and will be the lead stars of it, like a big knitted pouf or a cozy hand knit wool rug.

Look #4 – Stick to Non-Colors

Many people think that black, white, and all the grey tones in between them are too boring when it comes to interior design, but they don’t have to be! They never go out of style, which means they’re fit for almost any possible style you can think of. In this case, if we’re choosing the minimalist side, black, white, and grey are perfect for creating a neutral backdrop that will generate the ultimate winter-themed space. Your loft will look more clean, spacious, and welcoming, allowing the architectural elements, the furniture, and the textures to take the center-stage. A big grey couch, grey pillows, a small, white, geometric coffee table, and a few black and white decorations can turn your living room into the perfect minimalistic space.

Look #5 – Lights Are Your Friend

You can completely transform a space just by playing with the light sources. To achieve that romantic, wintery atmosphere, choose to work with smaller lights, like lamps, candles, or even tree lights that can add the sparkles you need to put you in the holiday mood!

Winter time is the perfect time of the year to get into your most comfortable pajamas, and lounge on the couch with a big cup of hot chocolate and a fluffy blanket. And what better setting than your comfortable loft that is now the perfect picture of a minimalist, stylish, yet cozy home?


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