The more your child grows, the more distant you will feel from it. This doesn’t mean that you are a bad person or a lousy parent – it only means that your child is developing as an individual. Your worldviews and interests might not meet as much as they did before once your child becomes a teenager, and this period can be quite difficult for both sides.

However, supporting your child’s creative endeavors can always be done by finding interest in what they do with their spare time. What are some of the most important reasons to find time to support your child’s creative and artistic expressions even though they have entered their teen years?

1.- Recording growth and development
Teenagers can be difficult not only for their parents but for people around them as well. The sheer amount of emotions, feelings and thoughts they have to process on a daily basis seems like too much to handle. Worst of all, they feel as if they are alone in their struggle, often shutting off the outside world and spending a lot of time by themselves.

Supporting their artistic passions and expressions at this point is crucial for both mental health and personal development. While your child might only be scribbling and drawing rudimentary shapes as a teen, it doesn’t mean it’s too late for them to develop artistic talents. This kind of expression will allow you to develop their emotional and physical growth, as well as character development.

2.- Manifesting imagination
People have a much higher chance of retaining child-like creativity if they are encouraged to do so in their early and teen years. Teenagers deal with a lot of new discoveries and experiences as a direct result of their physical and mental development which skyrockets suddenly once they hit a certain age.

Some of the best artists and graphic designers have started developing at early age thanks to their parents, friends or caretakers. Supporting your child not only by being there to explain life’s mysteries but also encourage them to take up a pencil, a brush or even a drawing tablet and show what they feel like inside is a great idea.

3.- Reaching hidden talents
The truth is that no one is gifted to do everything in this world, and the same can be said about artistic endeavors. Try as they might, your child might not be able to draw properly or to paint they way they would like to. However, they don’t have to do all of these things to be successful in their development. Just like with professional writing, it takes time and patience to discover what really works with an individual.

Discovering your child’s latent talents in their teen years might be some of the best work you can do for them as a parent. Encouraging them to try different artistic techniques and express their thoughts on paper, canvas or monitor will always bear some fruit and help your child grown in the process.

4.- Parent-child interactivity
Teenagers have a tendency to feel misunderstood or even out of place in their own house. The feeling of not knowing what the world means or what your place is in the world is a scary thought that needs time to sink in. Being aggressive or pushy with your child at this point can only result in conflict and they will still feel the same way.

While we all went through this teenage phase at some point in our lives, there are ways to alleviate the alienation the child might feel. Being artistic and creating something together can be a great way to spend some together time with your child.

Even if you are creating collages out of old papers, it will provide your child with a much needed stress relief and let them express their creativity in a safe environment. It will also give you a chance to open up certain topics that you might want to discuss but have no idea about how to bring them up (such as physical development or social interactions).

5.- Long-term effects
You might not remember those times yourself, but teenagers are very open to outside influences and suggestions, especially if they come from their parents. Encouraging your child to express their creative passions through art, design or writing is a great way to steer them towards those professions. While your child might not discover what they want to do with their life at first, trying out different creative things and seeing what fits them best will do wonders for them.

Forget what you have heard from your friends or acquaintances about “artists who can’t make a living” and focus on sheer development of your child’s character and skills without worrying about tomorrow. Your child might end up as an accountant or a lawyer for all you know at this point, but the creative endeavors of their teen years will certainly have an effect on that.

In summation

The worst thing you can do for your child’s development is to take away their creative tools because “it’s bad for them” to paint or draw. No one can tell your child what to do with their lives or what profession they will pick up on once college comes knocking. Support them every way you can and be there for them, both mentally and physically.


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