Selecting a material is not the only consideration that people should pay attention to. Apart from considering the window frames, it is necessary to make decision about how to enhance performance and comfort inside the home. Compared to various available options, vinyl windows stand out with unique features and properties as they are not only appealing but also ensure satisfaction and efficiency.

One of the important aspects is to decide on the window style that has significant impact over home’s exterior appeal and internal comfort. Homeowners should keep in mind that windows have to fit well with other home elements and so, it’s necessary to take professional help in order to make the right decision. Below are some window style suggestions that people may consider:

Single-Hung Windows

Also referred to as single sash windows, these types of components are the oldest version to install. They have been serving since decades and tend to be an ideal option for adding character and real charm into the home. Their name is given due to the presence of one movable sash that opens inward.

Double-Hung Windows

With greater flexibility and reliability, double hung windows have taken the position of single hung pieces and turned out to be a better alternative for window replacement. The best thing is, they have two movable sashes that ensure maximum ventilation and brightness in the rooms. People can move them up and down to maintain a constant flow of air and for easy cleaning.

Casement Windows

Casement windows move at one side with the hinges and open outwards, just like doors. There is a crank mechanism that is responsible for easy operation. They are famous for preventing the home from outside world, particularly when closed, meaning that reduced moisture and airflow. Even better, homeowners can customize window designs or go for common styles while selecting vinyl windows.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are somewhat similar to casement windows. Although they move horizontally, another major difference is the presence of hinges that are attached at the top edge of the sashes. Be sure that this window style cannot work for all types of window replacement projects. Instead, they are used for properties that have limited space and do not allow other styles to accommodate properly.

Bay Windows

When there is no budget constraint, Direct Pro suggests to go for bay windows. The reason behind high price, compared to others, is their construction that requires more material than others. The components have three to five sections, with the middle section parallel to the exterior wall. Other sections are angled in such a way that they give a unique and appealing look to the room.

Bow Windows

Most of the people couldn’t figure out the difference between bow and bay windows. Although they look similar, there is one major difference- bay window’s middle panel is bigger than others while, bow windows have similar sizes. They are responsible for creating a gradual curved effect, unlike bay windows that apparently have sharp angled panels.

So, which window style to choose? Direct Pro suggests to analyze property’s requirements in order to make appropriate selection.


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