Dogs are prone to accidents in the home, destroying furniture and attempting to flee the property. It is therefore important to prepare your property for a new pet. To do so, find out how to pet-proof your home.

Install Gates

Do you want to cut off select areas of the house from your pet? If so, you should install doggie gates on your doors, which will either prevent a pet from leaving a room or entering a private space, such as a child’s bedroom. It’s also ideal to have if you’re worried about your dog bolting out the front door when people exit or enter your home, as you can simply close the gate to keep your pooch safely inside.

Bundle Electrical Cords

Your dog will not know your electrical cords can cause them harm, so they will happily chew and pull at the cords for fun. Ensure their safety by bundling all electrical cords together, and pick them up off the floor so they are out of your dog’s reach.

Remove Ingestible Products

Canines love to try and smell and taste new things, so they will happily chew your candles, potpourri and other decorative accessories. For this reason, you should put away all potentially ingestible products that could damage your pet’s health.

Protect Your Pet and Home from Pests

Fleas and ticks will play havoc with your pet’s wellbeing, as they may be forced to spend their days scratching and biting away at the troublesome bugs. They can also invade your home, which will both unsightly and unhygienic. Buy a long-lasting, effective treatment to kill unwanted fleas and ticks, such as the PetAction pet flea pill.

Close Low Level Windows

Dogs love to explore the great outdoors, so will happily jump through windows to enjoy some fresh air. Prevent your pet from fleeing the home by closing all low-level windows, so your pet is never tempted to escape the property.

Routinely Empty Garbage Cans

Canines will have no problem rummaging through your trash to find a tasty product. They’ll happy chew on last night’s chicken bone or an old sandwich, which is why you must regularly empty garbage cans and remove them from the room. This will prevent your pet from eating foods they shouldn’t, and you won’t be forced to clean up their mess.

Stock Up on Cleaning Products

Dogs who have not been house trained will undoubtedly make a mess within your home, as they will not know right from wrong. Stock up on cleaning products to ensure you can quickly and easily clean up after your pet pooch whilst he or she is being trained. This will ensure you can enjoy a clean, fresh home day after day.

Close Your Closets

Do you want to keep your shoes in tip top condition? You’ll want to keep them away from your dog, then. They will happily spend many an hour chewing on your slippers or designer shoes. So, place all your shoes in your closet and keep the door firmly closed – or you could experience an unwanted surprise.

Close Your Bathroom Door

The bathroom will be filled with objects that could be potentially dangerous to your dog. There are various common household items that could found in a bathroom that could be detrimental to their health, such as bleach, shampoo or body wash. For this reason, you must keep the bathroom door closed to prevent them consuming hazardous products.

Close the Toilet Lid

You should, however, prep your bathroom should a dog find its way into a room. For example, dogs love drinking water directly from the toilet bowl. Not only is this unhygienic, but there could be cleaning chemicals in the toilet that could make your pet ill. So, get into the habit of placing the toilet lid down each time you use the bathroom.

Install a Medicine Cabinet

If you haven’t already got one, it might be beneficial to install a medicine cabinet in your bathroom. This will provide a safe place to store all cosmetics, medications and toothpastes, as they will be out of your dog’s reach if he or she does enter a bathroom. You should also install a tall rack in the bathroom to store shampoos, conditioners, and soaps.

Move Fruit, Flowers and Candy

Do you routinely place fruit, flowers and candy on a kitchen countertop or table? It might be a smart idea to move the items, as your pet will be more than happy to jump onto a chair to reach your table or counter to smell and consume the items.

A High Perimeter Fence
The last thing you will want is for your pet to escape from your home and garden. Don’t lose your pet by installing a high perimeter fence in your garden, if needed. You can therefore relax in the knowledge that your canine companion is safe when playing outdoors. Also, keep trash cans and tall items away from the fence, so your dog can’t use them as a stepping stool.

A Lockable Pool Cover

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, you must buy a secure pool cover that will clip easily into position and can be locked closed. This will ensure your pet cannot move or open the pool cover, which could cause a fatal accident.

Avoid Garden Pesticides

You might not think twice about using pesticides when gardening or potting plants and flowers in your garden, but they can each be poisonous to dogs. Educate yourself on toxic chemicals, plants and flowers before welcoming a dog into the home, and always keep the Animal Poison Control number to hand in the event of an emergency or question. Alternatively, you can opt for pet-friendly weed killers and pesticides that are safe for your pets.

Buy Locked Bins

Many homeowners will own toxic materials, which could pose a risk to their hound’s health. For example, you may store paint, antifreeze, cleaning solutions, car oil and rat poison. Keep your pet safe by placing the items in a locked bin, so it’s impossible for your canine to gain access to the harmful materials.


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