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Common misconceptions about senior citizens


When it comes to people from older generations, there can be a lot of misconceptions surrounding what people expect they are. Many younger people tend to put them all in the same category and assume that they’re all the same simply because they are older. However, if you’ve never spent a lot of time with someone from an older generation you may not realize that most of your assumptions about them are based on false facts.

Getting to know a senior citizen might just be one of the most interesting relationships that you’ve ever had. When it comes to misconceptions about senior citizens, here are some of the biggest ones.

They Are Senile

Some people assume that just because someone is of a certain age they must be starting to lose their wits. However, this varies from person to person. There are some people who are as much as 100 years old who are still perfectly conscious and far from senile.

Many senior citizens residing in nursing homes find themselves living life just as they did before they were in their golden years. Their bodies may be older but their minds are still intact.

They Are Boring

One of the biggest mistakes that younger generations can make about older people is that they are boring. Many people make the false assumption that just because someone is from another generation they must not be exciting, or like to do anything fun. However, age has nothing to do with it. You’re only as old as you feel inside of your heart.

Therefore, never assume that someone won’t be exciting just because they’re over a certain age. As a matter of fact, some of the most exciting people in history have been senior citizens.

They Aren’t Strong

Many people might assume that because someone is over the age of 70 that they aren’t as strong as they were when they were once young. But a quick search on the Internet will show you that there are plenty of people well over the age of 70 who aren’t just strong, but are full on athletes competing in marathons, and even bodybuilding!

Age doesn’t automatically equate to being weak. It’s all about how you condition your body leading up to your older age. The more you exercise in your younger years, the stronger you will be at your older age.

You Won’t Have Anything In Common

Believing that you won’t have anything in common with someone who comes from a different era is only holding yourself back. By limiting yourself only to people from your age range, you are missing out on an entire area of new experiences and stories that you could have potentially grown from.


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