When it comes to the different rooms in the home, the kitchen is arguably one of the most important. It’s the place where you do your cooking, after all, but it’s more than this – it’s a place where everyone can gather and talk, and it’s where you can prepare exciting meals for your loved ones to appreciate. If you’re thinking of having a new kitchen done or refurbishing your existing kitchen and giving it a long-awaited upgrade, then you should know that design is of prime importance. Here, then, is how to design the ideal kitchen of your dreams.

Look at the whole picture

You should begin by evaluating your kitchen and certain important elements such as windows, doors, the placement of worktops and stovetops, and so on, which affect how your ideal kitchen should be organised and put together, as suggested by the kitchen experts from www.hks-uk.com. Assess how the different elements work together – do they complement each other, or is there some shortcoming in the functionality of the kitchen due to the placement of some elements? After assessing your kitchen’s functionality, it’s time to draft a few layouts which could work according to your kitchen’s shape and the available space.

How do you use it?

You should also determine how you really make use of space in your kitchen. Do you generally cook a big breakfast, or do you spend more time in the kitchen in the evening preparing supper? Do you just cook in the kitchen, or do you do some work in it as well? Determining how you use your kitchen will help you with the design and placement of the worktop, stations for activities like baking or juicing, and even stations where people could sit and work.

A good cluster

For decades, the ‘kitchen triangle’ has been in vogue. This ‘triangle’ is comprised of the kitchen sink, the stovetop or hob, and the refrigerator. A good kitchen triangle would mean that each of these elements be at a specific distance to each other for maximum efficiency. But even if the ‘kitchen triangle’ is a good idea, you could also create a cluster. For instance, you can have the sink, stovetop, and worktop for prepping food grouped together if you love to cook and prepare meals. The prepping space should also be dedicated to prepping tasks, such as cleaning and washing food, mixing different ingredients, and chopping, and not anything else. The prepping space should be near the rubbish bin, and it’s better if it doesn’t overlap with the area where you place dirty plates and cutlery. Another cluster idea would be grouping the refrigerator and the pantry together for proper and easier food storage.

With a few key factors kept in mind, you can easily design your ideal kitchen – the kitchen of your dreams. Good luck, and happy designing!


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