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4 tips for going green at home

Home & Family4 tips for going green at home

At some point in your life, you may feel a tickle in the back of your mind that suggests that you might want to live a more environmentally sustainable life. Some people are very passionate about this. Some people don’t care at all. And then there are the people in the middle who just think that it’s a good idea to use some energy to try to live in balance with the earth around them. If you want to take this suggestion and create a practical plan for it, consider going green at your home base.

You can be more environmental about your heating and cooling, your recycling and garbage habits, the size of your lifestyle, and which appliances you use. There are energy efficient ways to do lots of things. And there are minimization ways to do lots of things. All of these decisions are part of the green movement.

Heating and Cooling

Installing green heating and cooling is not as complicated as it used to be. Technology has made huge advances concerning energy transfer and efficiency control, which directly translates into heating and cooling appliances that keep you more comfortable than ever, at a fraction of the cost of before, and while maintaining the lowest possible carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for everyone, though sometimes there is an initial extra cost is involved regarding setup.

Recycling and Garbage Habits

Sometimes going green is simply a matter of adjusting your current habits. Consider how you do your recycling and how you deal with household garbage. By creating a compost container for your kitchen food scraps, you are preventing all kinds of waste from going directly in the landfills. Instead, you’re creating something that is beneficial to the earth, and even helpful to your backyard garden if you have one. Starting a compost container is simple and inexpensive as well.

Minimizing and Reducing Your Lifestyle

And another aspect of environmentalism you can focus on if you plan on going green is the idea of minimalism. By getting rid of your clutter, you are not only promoting a healthier lifestyle for yourself, but you’re also preventing a lot of the waste and excess that ends up affecting the environment around you negatively. By donating your clothes and not buying new ones, or by getting rid of old children’s toys or cookware that you don’t need, and then not purchasing new stuff, you’re contributing to a leaner and more efficient planet, one item at a time.

Using Energy Efficient Appliances

And finally, on the simplest level, when you replace your major appliances, you can buy energy efficient versions of them. You can purchase energy efficient washing machines and dryers, computer monitors, printers, and many other common household appliances. Having the energy efficiency rating just suggests that they have been made with carbon footprint reducing schematics in mind.


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