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How should I choose the best foil-backed insulation?


Foil-backed insulation is constructed from layers of reflective foil fastened to batts or foam boards, which help to insulate walls, floors and ceilings of people’s homes.

The layers of foil will definitely improve the insulating ability by way of reflecting solar energy away from the home while at the same time also help to control moisture and vapour invasion.

Making the Right Choice

When choosing foil faced insulation, you should:

  • Consult with specialists to determine which materials are the best to suit the demands of the local climate and to maximise comfort and insulating effectiveness.
  • When selecting the best foil faced insulation, it is necessary to consider things such as installation requirements, material, thermal ratings and the costs before having it installed.

Climate and R Value

One of the very first things to consider when having insulation installed is:

  • The R-value, which figures out how effective the insulation will increase the thermal resistance of the building.
  • In nations with colder climates, customers should choose the highest grade of foil faced insulation available at Superfoil to keep cold winter air at bay and away from the home.
  • In more moderate types of climate zones, lower R-values will norm be sufficient enough to adequately insulate a building.

Buyers should also pay close attention to the material that the insulation is constructed from, and how this may impact air quality.

  • Any type of insulation made in accordance with UK building regulations is naturally the best and safest choice for those looking to maintain cleaner indoor air quality.

For the simplest installation, think about foil-faced insulation, which is in some cases, recycled materials. Pre-cut batts or boards which fit perfectly between the studs in the walls of homes will also help in making fitting that much easier.

Do Some Research

You should go online and see which product is the most efficient for your home. Foil which is breathable is the best, as there is a lesser chance of it absorbing and transferring heat energy into the home.

  • The better the reflective quality of the foil, the more effectively it will administer solar energy towards the outside of the building, and aid in keeping it cooler.

Every homeowner should keep their eye out for high quality foil-faced insulation that is made from laminated layers rather than a single sheet of foil. Multiple layers will definitely aid in seeing a reduction in the chances of dust building up in the perforations along the expanse of the foil, which makes problems with moisture control.

  • A lot of larger perforations will assist in a reduction of dust build up and overall increase the insulating’s effectiveness.

If you’re considering making use of any kind of foil-faced insulation, you should look over the price.

And while it may be worth investing in some insulation with a high R-value in a cold climate zone, consult with experts to find out exactly what kind of insulation you require where you live.


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