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What can I do to save on power bills?


As anyone out there already knows, making savings on any power bills is always a good thing and most welcome, but especially on any electric bills. There are a few simple things that can be done on a daily basis to help cut back on usage, and with some simple repairing or replacing of certain devices it can also further help in saving money.

The easiest way to lower electric bills is by cutting back on the wasteful use of power when it is not required.

  • One other way is to establish whether the cost of electricity in your area is more expensive during specific times of the day.

A long term method of saving on bills is to locate and buy low energy devices when it is time to replace existing ones. A new electric meter allows you to have the choice to be paperless, to have a self-management tool which lets you control how you use your energy.


In the short term, ways for saving money on electric bills include adjustments to your usage. The most power used in the majority of homes includes lighting and heating, so leaving (if you can) lights off during the daytime will help to lower bills. (PS – try setting the thermostat down during the same timeline and you will have the same outcome if using electric heating)

  • After dark, turn lights and heat off in all rooms which are not being used

The proper type of insulation as in high quality windows and doors will also aid in savings on your bills. Inadequate insulation, windows or doors simply allow for heat to escape, and lets in draughts too. Installing top quality insulation, windows and doors can be somewhat costly, but you will notice impressive savings on your power bills over time.


Energy efficient devices are yet another wonderful way of lowering those power bills in the long run.

  • Power saving water heaters, furnaces, fridges, and other kinds of similar devices will certainly make for savings over time
  • The use of instant water heaters will also help to lower electric bills, due to there being no energy wasted on heating and reheating large tanks of water

If indeed natural gas is accessible in the area where you reside, the replacing of an old electric furnace or water heater with a brand new one which runs on gas will also help to make savings.

Depending on where you happen to live, you may find that power is cheaper at different times of the day. Some areas might have peak and off peak rates, which will help to save on electric bill if you time your usage.

Making good use of devices such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and the like during off peak times will not lower your energy usage, but will definitely lower your bills.

Make savings a part of your life!


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