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Maximising your living room – Shape up your living space, no matter how small or how big it is


It’s every person’s dream to have a living room of their own, sprinkling their identity and making both a personal space and guest space to relax and enjoy in. But because of overexcitement or too much unplanned thinking, living rooms can turn into an uncoordinated mess simply through having a number of items that it should not have had in the first place. Whether it is in a simple apartment or a pretty sizeable home, here are a few tips to help spruce up the living room.

Set borders

The living room is the where your guests will be staying. Setting easy to find borders is what shows how organised and collected your living space is. One option would be to set up dividers to close off certain areas, from shoe racks to coffee table setups. Dividers make it easy to set up the illusion that your living room has more space which makes it easier to make more ‘walls’ in the area – or not. One of the oldest tricks in the book is attaching mirrors to the walls to make the empty space of your living room far wider. It might not do much on paper, but the proper placement of a ceiling-high mirror can work wonders for the living room.

Get functional

As much as you’d like to have that abstract wire sculpture in your room, you know you’d much rather use the space for a working coat rack, or a corner lamp for more light, especially if you own a relatively small apartment space. Instead of cluttering your living room with interesting décor, it’s better to stay functional; stick to the basics. But don’t worry, it doesn’t always have to be boring. Multi-purpose home decor accessories come in all shapes and sizes, from tables that turn into white boards to chairs that turn into drawers. The ingenuity of having multi-purpose furniture allows for maximisation of both space and functionality. Not only will you have more space, but the added functionality of your home furnishings allows you the freedom to reorganise it any which way you need to.

Stay simple

Bulky furniture often causes more harm than good especially when dealing with small living room spaces. Oftentimes, the main cause of this is buying spacious and expensive furniture. Buying cheap home accessories is not only a way to save a little bit of money but also a good way to get creative in letting your personality decorate the living room. Instead of books and magazines, you can opt to put a few personalized trinkets around the space, from small paintings to tiny figurines.


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