For almost all people, moving home could be a demanding time, which causes stress, fatigue and various emotions. However, it should also be seen as an opportunity to leave your comfort zone, make a change, undertake new challenges and leave past memories and habits behind – a time to reinvent ourselves. Here we will give you five tips that will help you to make this moving process a success.

1.- Time

Having enough time to find the new place where you will live, to organise and make the move, is very important and will make your move free from headaches. Define the moving date several weeks in advance and try to organise yourself so that in that week you dedicate your time exclusively to this process.

2.- Planning

The secret of successful moving lies in being very organised and anticipating situations. It is important that all the members of the household are involved in this process, that each organise their personal things and collectively pack the common areas, delegate tasks to each of the members in order to speed up the process, contact the movers, and get the boxes or materials that will be needed to pack. Try to think about every detail and function that will be involved in the move – to avoid any potential obstacles or last-minute issues. The entire packing process will be optimised if everyone in the home is involved in the activity.

3.- Moving service

Moving services can provide a lot of help when you are moving home. Many companies have a complete service, where you will not have to move a finger and all your things will be packed, transported, and then unloaded at your new home. It is important that you choose to move with a quality company so that you can ensure your belongings will be safe and handled carefully. If you have a small household and feel there is no need for a full moving service, there are other options such as a single van with driver, as offered by which is an economic and efficient way to tackle moving your household belongings.

4.- Pack

Moving can be the perfect excuse to get rid of many things that you do not use regularly and that occupy space unnecessarily. Do not take damaged items to your new home. Try to think about the organisation of your belongings in boxes, try not to make them too heavy, close them with enough tape, and mark what is inside clearly on the exterior, so you can identify it quickly after unloading.

5.- Things to keep handy

Try to have at hand cleaning items that will help you to leave your old home in good condition. Cleanliness is essential for your new home too, before you begin unpacking your things. Pack some drinks and snacks for everyone moving with you – to avoid wasting time having to stop and look for something to eat. Keep in mind your personal documents also, valuables and anything you may require urgently if something unexpected occurs.

Enjoy your new home!


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