Are you are thinking of making an investment or travelling to your dream destination as your New Year’s resolution? Whichever your objective, having control of your finances is the core value of realising your dreams. Discipline is one of the hardest habits that many people fail to observe in their resolutions and hence, they end up giving up on their goals after only a few weeks or months. The proof is in the pudding, and this year, Moneyfarm asked the public if they’d kept to their 2017 resolutions. With the below tips, you can reach any finance-related New Year’s resolutions.

One sure way of attaining financial freedom and realising your New Year’s resolutions is saving. Saving a little and often will help you develop a culture of responsible spending without being too harsh on your lifestyle. Analysing your income and your expenditure will be beneficial in giving you a clear picture of the things which you can avoid or cut down.

As a person who frequents fast-food joints, you will realise how much you can save in a month by preparing your food at home. The hardest thing is getting started in saving, but once started, you will realise how fun it is to know you are doing it for a right course. There are numerous online applications which offer financial assistance on how much you ought to spend and save based on your income.

Money in the bank may not yield as much interest by the end of the year as you would anticipate. Spend your finances on income-generating projects which have a higher chance of growth. Determine your passion, whether offering counselling, writing, real-estate or in photography and invest in it. You will have a constant income from your investment that will keep getting better over the months.

Cut Your Bad Habits
Some of our bad habits cost as a lot in our finances, and neglecting them can make a significant change in your spending and help in the realisation of the New Year’s resolutions. For people who smoke or drink a lot, mostly on a daily basis, you can reduce the frequency of visiting bars to weekends only. You can save this amount for better financial goals or expand the existing ones.

Proper Time Management
People without set goals will most likely have the most time that they spend on unproductive tasks. To realise your New Year’s resolution, you need to know the value of your time. As such, you will not be influenced by friends to take impromptu visits to the bar or movies theatres where you will spend beyond your means. Be strict on how you use your time and don’t allow yourself to be swayed away by unproductive events.

Making your New Year’s resolution public is a sure way of ensuring that you are always on course. Friends and family members who are aware of your objective will most likely encourage or remind you whenever you seem to be going off-course. If you are planning on furthering your education or working on a new project, for example, they will know that you need ample time to yourself and will avoid interfering with your timetable.


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