Fighting traffic tickets in Alberta can become important because demerit points can accumulate quickly, and you can have your license suspended for a month with only 15 demerits accumulating over a two year period. Add to this, your demerit points remain on your record for three years. For this reason alone, you need to fight as many tickets as possible. Even tickets that you may not think are worth fighting, you may have the potential to win. A legal firm with a lot of experience in metropolitan areas such as Calgary, can offer many possible defenses. The following are a few things that an attorney can do for you.

They can look over the ticket for errors

You would be surprised at the number of errors that are contained on a traffic ticket. Since most people go ahead and pay the ticket, any error on the ticket will not come to light. The trick is knowing which errors are important and which ones are not. An attorney can look over the ticket and spot any issues. If you were to find an error, you could bring this to the attention of the court, but what would you expect them to do? They are not going to give you any legal advice. If there is any advantage you have in fighting the ticket, it will be an attorney that will be able to create a defense.

The charge is hard to prove

Under certain circumstances, the charge against you may be hard to prove. It may be a case where the officer simply wrote a ticket knowing that it would be difficult to prove, but like most people, you are likely to go ahead and pay the fine and get your demerits. Any ticket that you receive that is difficult to prove, is one that an attorney will exploit to your fullest advantage. It is also possible that you are not guilty of what you have been cited for. Often the ticket could have been given due to a mistake by the officer. Your ticket may be for unsafe driving, and under normal circumstances, this may have been true, but at the time you were operating your vehicle, it was not a condition that would make it unsafe.

Negotiating for fewer demerits

Let’s face it, to a certain extent, the traffic courts are a game. Although the government wants lots of tickets to be paid, they don’t want to spend a lot of resources prosecuting every ticket. For this reason, there is a lot of room to negotiate. If you have a ticket that will be difficult to win, an attorney may be able to negotiate for fewer demerits that are associated with the original tickets. This is one of the most important parts of fighting a ticket with legal representation. Again, demerits can add up fast, so if you are already pushing the edge of losing your licenses, it is usually worth hiring an attorney.

Once you get a ticket, the government expects you to pay it, but the truth is, you are entitled to your day in court. If you suspect that your ticket was unjustified in any way, you should speak to an attorney. Do not go to court on your own. The Crown Prosecutor is not your friend, and they will do nothing to help you. Your best chance of mounting a traffic ticket defense is with an attorney. If you are pushing the limits of your total demerits or will go over the limit, you need to see an attorney. If you will have your license suspended due to this current ticket, then you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by consulting with a traffic ticket attorney.


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