Despite the consumerist society that is growing stronger day by day, there are plenty of people who would love nothing more than to simply unplug and rely only upon themselves. Modern technological advancements have insinuated themselves into almost every facet of human life and have become nearly indispensable. While not everyone wants to completely detach themselves from the grid and escape to the woods, there’s a part inside most people that longs to prove to the world that they can make it on their own. If this sounds at all like you, read on for some helpful tips on how to change your life in the little ways that make you more self-reliant.

One: Grow Your Own Food

One of the major advantages of becoming less dependent on others for your resources is that you also save the environment. The fuel and energy it costs to transport food, grow crops, feed cattle and operate machinery on an industrial level is a leading cause of climate change. By taking on these responsibilities yourself, you can reduce the impact you are having on the planet. You will be able to survive for longer without needing to go to the store for food as you’ll have plenty of your own produce.

Start by looking for a greenhouse for sale to house your plants, especially if your home country’s natural climate doesn’t suit the food you hope to grow. Once you get going, you might even want to experiment with turning your produce into juices or other products which you can use or sell. A little bit of extra income is nothing to be sniffed at, especially when you’re doing it all from scratch. The process of gardening and harvesting your own food is surprisingly empowering, making you feel as if you can do anything if you had to. Indulge your primitive survival instincts and take charge of your own produce.

Two: Make Your Own Toiletries

This tip is excellent for many reasons. First, by making your own toiletries you can save so much money over the course of the years. You’ll spend far less at the store and you won’t feel the need to waste money on luxury products because what could be more luxurious than bespoke, homemade goods? Second, you can decide exactly what goes into your toiletries and tailor it to your tastes, allergies, morals, and more. Similar to the last point, you could also develop your products until they are suitable for selling to customers.

It’s slowly being realized that household cleaning products are ridiculously and needlessly specific. You don’t need a separate liquid spray for kitchen counter tops, tables, windows or floors. There are hundreds of simple recipes online that tell you how to create your own cleaning liquids that cause less damage to your pipes and the environment, but also get the job done. Soap, shampoo and even hair dye can be made at home if you want to take self-sufficiency to the extreme.

Three: Repair and Repurpose

It’s hard to feel independent when you have to get your car, your microwave, your shelves or anything else replaced once they stop working. Once you’ve worn it out, it’s time to throw it away, right? Or you could take this opportunity to do it yourself and fix whatever is broken. Of course, machinery and electrics should be spared for the experts, but mending a cupboard door or fixing the fence will save you money and prove to you that you’re more than capable of looking after yourself. It’s alright to feel proud of your independence as it means you aren’t a liability for others and your skills may come in useful to help someone else. Being able to solve problems and see solutions is an excellent quality to possess, so avoid the urge to simply get rid of your broken belongings and instead find a way of fixing or repurposing them. Even old television sets or computer monitors can be turned into strange pieces of art or plant holders. Mending clothes is something that, once it is known, your whole neighborhood will love you for.

Becoming self-sufficient isn’t about pretending to know everything or turning into a radical doomsday prepper, but it is about teaching yourself that you can survive on your own and without constant care from external sources such as big industries and other people. If you’re feeling too lazy to go to the store, you’ll always have your own resources to fall back on. Plus, you’ll be saving the planet.


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