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What you need to know about double glazed UPVC windows


Commonly called PVCU, (Polyvinyl Chloride Un-plasticised), these double glazed windows have very sturdy frames which are made from a special durable plastic. Double glazing as most people are aware of nowadays, refers to those kinds of windows which consist of two panes of glass with a space in between them.

Today, PVCU double glazed windows are seen everywhere and have become more popular than ever for any people who are replacing older windows.

They are also now a standard fitting in all newly built homes in Scotland and elsewhere around Britain.

  • The advantages of having PVCU double glazed windows installed is simply due to their affordability when held in comparison with other window types.
  • Minimal maintenance is all that is necessary when compared to other windows, because of PVCU unique window’s resistance to all types of rotting, cracking, peeling or flaking.
  • An easy wipe with a damp cloth and job done! How’s that for user friendly?

Practically Unbreakable

  • UPVC reversible windows in Scotland, are also a lot more durable than other sorts of windows and won’t warp or bend in all kinds of weather, like other materials tend to do.
  • It is indeed hard to break the frames, and this helps to deter any wannabe burglars from having a go at making an entrance, to any home where they are installed.
  • Due to the double paned glazing, they are much more resistant to being broken through and smashed than any other kind of single pane windows.
  • With the two panes in a PVCU double glazed window, it also keeps power bills lower, because of them being much better insulators than windows with single glazed panes.
  • The air trapped between the two panes assists in ensuring that heat stays where it should – inside your home!
  • This equals a much lesser amount of energy being put to use to warm your home.
  • One more wonderful feature with these high quality, double glazing, installed by a qualified Scottish PVCU window and door expert, is that of the big reduction in the amount of noise entering into a home.

Definitely an Upgrade in Looks

  • The outside features of any home is important to help increase its value for any future sales potential.
  • Surprisingly, more people than you would imagine are sold on the external looks of a home.
  • So, if in the future you want to sell your home, you can enjoy the great benefits from having double glazed PVCU windows installed right now, and then them being right there as an extra bonus for any potential future buyers.

Properties of PVCU

  • UPVC differs from those other thermoplastics which are entirely made from oil and its derivatives.
  • Modern UPVC is manufactured from a combination of 57% sodium and only 43% oil, which grants it an extra exclusive technical property, and thus helps to promote unbeatable value.

Have a chat with anyone who already has them installed and see what they reckon.


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