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Getting organized in 2018

Home & FamilyGetting organized in 2018

2018 is upon us. And that means it’s upon you. And that means you’re probably thinking about getting organized, once again. And you’re also thinking that there needs to be some way you can improve your chances of getting organized this year as opposed to last year. Because, like everyone else, it was just another year where everything mostly stayed the same.

So what can you do this year that will be different? You can figure out your value as a financial entity. You can tighten down your moral considerations. You can minimize until you feel the change. And, you can try out different organizational plans in the process. The route to a better you is always going to be through your desire to make this change happen.

Figure Out Your Value

It’s hard to know how to improve your value if you don’t know what your value is. And one perspective on this is strictly financial. How much is your house worth? How much is your car worth? What are your debts? What are your assets? Go through everything. Figure out how much your clothes are worth. And your furniture. Put a number on everything so that you have a yardstick that you can measure from as the new year continues forward.

Tighten Down Your Moral Values

Do you feel like you’re a perfect person? The answer is probably no. And you’re never going to be perfect. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea to take a look at your moral principles and figure out if they need some tweaking. It’s an incredibly divisive world out there today, and without some guiding set of values to light the way, you’re going to end up like everyone else and argue topics until you’re blue in the face and treat people poorly just because you haven’t taken the time to step back and breathe. This year, make it the year that you become a principled person.

Minimize Until You Feel the Change

You’re probably comfortable with the amount of stuff that you have right now. And that’s not a good thing if you want to get organized this year. You want to start thinking that you have twice as much stuff as you need. Or even three times as much! When you begin minimizing your stuff, you’ll find out that there’s a tremendous amount of freedom in living without all of the clutter bogging your life down.

Try Out Different Organizational Plans

You can probably find several hundred different organizational plans that will lead you to a better, more organized you in 2018. The balance you have to try to find is that you want one that works without having it feel like work. You want one that is customized to your life, without it making it so that your life doesn’t change. Try as many out as you have to, assuming they don’t cost anything to start. One of them will be the one that works.

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