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How to find an affordable conveyancer that works for you


These days, you hear a lot about how hard it is to enter the housing market. Most people are finding themselves priced out of the market before they even try to put down a deposit. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to save some money here and there on a housing purchase, even when it comes to the conveyancing part of the transaction. Here are some helpful ways to save money and find the best conveyancer for your needs at the same time.

Find a Conveyancing Solicitor Who Will Work Face to Face With You

While it’s entirely possible and legal to take care of property conveyancing matters yourself, for the sake of accuracy and ensuring that your purchase isn’t held up unnecessarily, it’s always wise to hire an experienced Melbourne conveyancer to oversee all the paperwork and transference matters on your behalf. A conveyancer is experienced in handling the transference of property ownership from the seller to the buyer.

When finding a Melbourne conveyancer, try to opt for one who will agree to meet you face to face instead of only interacting over the internet. While a conveyancer might be able to charge slightly lower consultation rates because of the lack of face communication, they might also compromise on the quality of their other services. Seek out a local conveyancer so you can speak to them in person about the conveyancing process and the costs involves.

Fixed or Variable Fee?

In this instance, weigh up which option would benefit you most if you had to choose between one and the other. A fixed fee is exactly that; it’s confirmed from the beginning and if anything changes along the way, you as the client will have to approve any amendments. An hourly rate is, as it says, charged by the hour, and while it might not require as much expense from you at the beginning, you’ll ultimately be relying on the Melbourne conveyancer not drawing out their work unnecessarily so they can make more money from you.

Reviews and Recommendations

As with any important decision you make that involves matters of a financial nature – like buying a car or applying for a credit card – it’s always wise to read reviews online or seek recommendations from those in the know about Melbourne conveyancers, good, bad or otherwise. While a recommendation from a friend or family member is preferable, online reviews can also be helpful.

Ask Questions

In the search for the right conveyancer, it’s important to ask the right questions so you know they will do their very best for you. As questions like:

  • Are they members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers?
  • What is the maximum I can anticipate paying in fees and charges?
  • Which services are included in those fees?
  • How long will settlement take?
  • Will you keep me updated throughout the entire process?

If you find yourself satisfied with the answers to the questions you’ve asked, you might have just found the conveyancer that best works for you.


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