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Roofing shingles – What different types are there?


In the world of roofing, shingles come in an array of designs and configurations to meet the requirements of both architects and homeowners looking for a strong roof which also suits the building. With regards to different styles of homes, one kind of roofing shingles may just be more applicable than another.

  • And no matter whether the roof is on a brand new home or is being restored, roofing shingles can and are used ideally to add to the visual appeal and value of homes.

Favoured the Most

The most commonplace type of roofing shingles are what are known as “composition shingles”, which are made up from a base of fibreglass and asphalt which has been studded with flecks of coloured minerals. For those of you out there looking for top quality fibreglass roofing materials, check out specialists in the business. Composition shingles are favoured by many people because they are:

  • More affordable than other kinds of shingle
  • Extremely water resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • And come in a selection of colours

Popular colours include green, grey, blue, black, and brown; all of which be coordinated with a home or even utilised to blend a roof with nearby roofs for an even appearance.

The Case for Natural

Some natural materials are also put to use for making roofing shingles, with the most favoured being slate and cedar. In both of these cases, the natural material of choice will have to be precisely milled and cut, and need more labour to perfectly install.

  • Slate and cedar roofs do look somewhat more polished than composition roofs, but the difficult task of shingle manufacture and proper fitting will be reflected in the price.

They do have a couple of advantages, as both are naturally insect resistant, and slate is also fire proof.

Matters of Tile

Any home which has a roof fitted with tile will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, due to tile acting similar to a temperature regulator at the home.

  • And whilst the typical red of terracotta is the most popular colour seen for roofing tiles, manufacturers make tile in an array of colours and shapes, appropriate for a wide range of architectural designs.

Making Sure, it’s Just Perfect

Roofing shingles should be selected with care for the area in which they are going to be fitted. If you’re going to do the job by yourself, get to know which ones are appropriate for your home, and also what your roofing options are depending where you live.

  • After contacting and consulting with a roof material supplier, make sure to get a solid estimate on the full price of all of the work which is going to be carried out, and also ask questions about the warranty on the roof materials.

To find a reliable and affordable supplier of roofing materials, simply get online and you will soon be able to find one which is perfect for you and your home.


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