If you want affordable motorcycle insurance, you may have to forego comprehensive coverage, and that includes coverage from theft. So if your Harley Davidson or Ducati gets stolen, you’re out of luck.

Of course, even with insurance it’s still a pain to have your motorcycle stolen from you. So you really should think about securing your bike from thieves. To help you out, here are some measures you can do:

Park It Properly

You really need to think things out if you’re parking your motorcycle. At home, it’s best if you park it behind the locked doors of your garage, or even inside your home. Put in proper locks in your garage and bar the windows.

If you don’t have a garage and you can’t bring it inside, then at the very least you need to have it covered up properly. This keeps it out of sight from opportunistic thieves, and you also protect it from the elements.

It’s also best if thieves don’t even know that you have a motorcycle in the first place. Some thieves steal bike models that have been requested by their clients, so if you’re riding a motorcycle they want they may follow you home. Try to check if a vehicle is following you by making random turns on your way home.

At work, the best place to park your motorcycle is right in front of a security guard. Make friends with that security guard so that if a stranger approaches your motorcycle they’ll know that it’s a possible theft.

Other places that you can consider are spots near a security camera or a spot where you can eyeball your motorcycle directly. Try to park it where lots of people can see if thieves are trying to make off with your bike.

Lock It in Place

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you always use your steering lock. Though many thieves know how to defeat this feature, it does keep them from having too easy a time in stealing your motorcycle away. Then you also have to lock your ignition while you remove the key. This may be a basic precaution, but the truth is most motorcycle thefts happen when the ignition has been shut down but it wasn’t locked.

Aside from steering locks, you can also try disc locks that prevent your motorcycle from rolling freely. The main disadvantage of this type of locks is the fact that wheels are easy to remove. To counter this, your disc lock should also have an alarm that can make a loud noise when some tries to mess with your wheels.

You can also employ chains, but you need to use them properly. The only way for them to work effectively is if you chain your motorbike to an object that can’t be moved, like a pole. You can also chain your motorcycle with another, if you’re riding with a group.

Just make sure that the chain doesn’t rest on the ground. When this is the case a thief can just hack at the chain with a chisel and a hammer.

Get both disc locks and chains, and make sure they’re of good quality. Now isn’t the time for you to make do with cheap yet ineffective options.

What If You’re Selling Your Motorcycle?

Your motorcycle can be stolen while the thief pretends to buy your ride. So you need to be careful about your potential buyers. You need to get their name, address, DOB, and driver’s license number, and then you should see their driver’s license to confirm the info.

If they want to test drive your motorcycle, make sure they have a registration document in the buyer’s name.

Finally, turn over the title only when their check clears. For safety, don’t hand it over and instead mail it to their address.

All these tips may seem over the top, but they’re all necessary. They’re less bothersome than an actual theft!


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