There are lots of different hedge trimmers around and it is important to choose the one that is right for your needs. However, a lot of people simply purchase the trimmer that fits their budget the best. Upon using them, they then come to find that their hedges are getting destroyed. Indeed, in Memphis, Trugreen often gets called in to fix problems caused by the wrong hedge trimmers! This is why they hope the following information will be of benefit.

Trugreen on the Right Trimmers

As stated, there are many different types of hedge trimmers. One of those is the singe sided model, which can only cut out straight sections. It is perfect for large shrubs that have to be taken down. It can also be quite long without being too heavy, because the blade is one sided. The center of gravity of the single sided trimmer is near the body, which means it can be used quite comfortably for longer periods of time.

The second type of trimmer is the double sided ones, which allow for vertical and horizontal, back and forth motions, while the user remains in the same place. These are used for shaping shrubs and bushes. The smaller the bush, the smaller the blade should be for efficiency. You must also find out how to hold these trimmers so that the center of gravity is close to the body.

Then, there are pole trimmers, which can be used on any shrub that you would otherwise trim with a ladder. Usually, their head can be adjusted 90 degrees to make them more efficient and comfortable. It is very important to use an appropriately sized blade. Pole trimmers are a type of commercial grass trimmer and many double as both, in fact. Companies like Trugreen use a variety of commercial models, ranging from 18” to 40” in length.

Choosing a Hedge Trimmer

Whenever Trugreen needs to add new trimmers, there are certain things they look for in particular. The first is balance. Balance is far more important than weight, because it is easier to carry something balanced but heavy for a long time than something light and unbalanced. Additionally, they always look for good warranties, never settling for less than two years. This is because, in Memphis, they have to cut shrubs and hedges around four times per year on average.

They also check that the trimmers:

  • Don’t vibrate too much.
  • Come with handguards.
  • Have a lock switch on the throttle.
  • Come with blade locks.
  • Have stop buttons.
  • Come with a sleeve.

If someone wants to purchase their own hedge trimmer, Trugreen recommends that they visit a dealer where different models are available. They should then look at things such as the reliability of the trimmer and the average repair time. They should also ask whether they can get a loaner if the trimmer has to get repaired. These are all simple things that make a great deal of difference overall.


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