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Are you looking to improve your home or business’ security? 7 easy ways to do just that

Home & FamilyAre you looking to improve your home or business’ security? 7 easy ways to do just that

Should you be looking to upgrade your home or business security to a higher level, there are these days some great features which you can put to great use, including one or two which are not usually thought of as being linked to security.

Let’s take a peek:

1.- Automatic Shutters – This system comes with a pre-set and are a superb security solution. When not home your curtains will close in the evening, and keep them open in the daylight hours, making your home look lived in.

2.- Surveillance Cams – I can see you! Cameras, will allow you to visually exam areas in and around the building whenever you want and should definitely be at the top of your security measures check list. Burglars, detest them!

These provide you with great peace of mind, and like many others can also take snapshots of live video feed, and then send you the photos via and electronic device.

3.- Intercoms – being able to check exactly who is at the front door before opening it, has today become a strong point of any highly effective security system. And, due to most intercoms now having built-in cameras, you can check out any visitor. There are also intercoms which can be remotely accessed, allowing you to talk to someone even when you’re not there.

4.- Solid Doors and Windows – These days, these are being fitted in more and more offices and shops and other commercial centres. In homes or shops, lowlifes can usually break their way in through standard doors and windows and take people’s goods.

Because of this, you will need sturdy replacement doors and windows in Stirling, which will help big time in providing you with a superb new level of protection against home or business intruders.

5.- Stay in the Light – People with dark intentions, just hate the light! Any lighting in your home or business can be put to good use as a deterrent to put a stop to mindless vandalism or burglary.

When lights are connected up to a home security system, they will switch on and flash on and off whenever sensors are tripped. They can also be programmed to turn on and off during timed and random intervals to make an empty building look as if it is lived in.

6.- Audio System – Make that audio system of yours do more than just play music, as it can also be put to good use to help in protecting it. If a sensor detects any movement, it can loudly play over the same speakers, some pre-recorded messages such as “Hey, who’s that out there!” or a recording of a very large guard dog barking and growling, which is bound to give any wannabe burglars the shock of their lives!

7.- Dog – This time a real one! Always a great deterrent, and a great friend!

The above should keep your castle safe!


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