The car transmission is a complex mechanism which controls the power from the powertrain to the drive shaft. It is a mechanism which faces more wear and tear than any other system of your car as a result of heat and friction created by several moving and interacting automotive parts. The repair and replacement of transmission system can be quite a lengthy process, inconvenient and is hefty to your pockets. So, it is always recommended to pay attention to every unusual activity. This will help them last longer with continuous good performance.

Types of Transmission

Modern day cars come with mostly three types of transmission gear systems.

Manual Transmission:

Also known as stick-shaft, as the driver uses stick (gear nob) to shift gears. Earlier, the cars have had the lever at the dashboard, but in modern day cars, it is found mounted vertically on centre console which is connected to transmission via linkage. In order to change gears, release the clutch, choose the gear and engage the clutch again. Driving with this transmission system make you feel connected with your car which is difficult with other transmission systems. Learning with this takes time, but it’s rewarding and simpler than it sounds. In 40s and 50s, 3-speed manual transmissions were popular, more gears were added with the improved technology, the cars have become faster and efficient.

Automatic Transmission:

This is a transmission assembly which shifts automatically and was once considered a luxury. Basically, two types of automatic transmissions are there: A traditional automatic is connected to engine through a hydraulic torque converter while the dual clutch transmission requires a pair of clutch. However, both can change gears without any input from driver. These cars are smooth and comfortable than manual gears, especially in stop-and-go city traffic.


The third one in the list is continuously variable transmission. It relies on belt and pulley providing infinite ratios. It can also be found in scooters and motorcycles. The cars equipped with CVT tend to be smooth to drive than conventional automatics, at the same time, it improves the mileage too, which explains why most of the hybrids use this type of transmission.

Moreover, when it comes to drag racing trans brake is used. It is a mechanism that places the transmission in first and reverse gear together, holding the car in stationary position like foot brake is applied. It is activated by applying electric current to a solenoid at the transmission.

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