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Tips to keep save money and keep stresses low when moving


Moving to start a life in a new place is what many people dream about from an early age. Whether it be with a budding family, your partner, or by yourself, it can be one of the most exciting steps into your future. Yet with such highs, there are bound to be lows. Moving is an experience that will bring about a lot of stress to your life, both on your mind and your wallet. This can make this crucial step seem like far more hassle than it’s worth, so it’s wise for you to keep a bank of trusted tips to refer to when you are preparing for the big day.

Make a packing list

You may assume that you will be taking every single one of your possessions with you, but there will come a time when you try to find something in your new place, only to realize you left it behind. Making a packing list will remove this trouble, and will help you streamline the packing process so that it takes less time than you were hoping. It is also a great chance to categorize which belongings will be moving with you, and which ones won’t. It could be that you have new furniture waiting for you when you get there, or that you can buy lots of your kitchen equipment after you arrive. Smaller amounts of possessions will keep moving costs low, as moving companies will charge less for you taking fewer items with you. This will be a blessing in disguise when it comes to unpacking. Creating the list according to what will be going in each room of the new house is another great way to remove the stress involved with unpacking. If you label the boxes correctly, you will find this much easier in the long run.

Empire Movers reminds us that it “is preferable to label the boxes on all sides with a thick marker, because not all removals companies order the boxes on the written front, so we prefer to put it on the front and back on the sides and top. However, if you think this is too much, you can do it on the front and side… but write what’s inside, because many times we think we’ll remember and then things mysteriously disappear!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Packing up all your belongings can take up a lot of time; with a job to go to, and perhaps kids to attend to, you will find yourself strapped for time and resources. This is where turning to your friends and family can bring invaluable help. Not only will they provide a friendly, calming presence among the stress, but they will be the perfect set of extra hands to help you pack. This will also enable them to feel as though they are a part of such a big life experience, and they will also ask for payment only in the form of spending quality time with you.

Choose the right moving company

If your friends have a moving van they can lend you, then this is great news. However, most people are not lucky enough to have handy resources. If you have a lot of items to move, it is undoubtable that you will have to enlist the help of a moving company to take everything from one place to the next. This can be a huge expense, and some companies are not famed for their delicate handling of possessions and insurance on damages. This is why you need to spend some time researching for the right one. Where it is common for most companies to charge you for the amount of stuff you bring, other furniture moving companies will send you a quote based on how long the transportation will cost. If you pick a weekday to travel on, when there is less traffic on the roads, you can save yourself a lot of money. Enlisting the help of such a company will also be a reassurance during the move, rather than something that stresses you out further. If they can promise you that they will take care of your belongings and deliver, it will be a huge weight off your shoulders.

Sell old possessions

If you have resigned yourself to the fact that you can’t bring everything with you, then it’s wise to turn this into a money-making opportunity. Though some possessions will have to be donated, or even thrown away, there are others that you can sell to make some extra money on the side. One of the best ways to do this is by having a yard sale, where you can invite people from around your neighborhood to help you purge your house of what you don’t need. Doing this will also bring about some fun to the moving process, which can help decrease your stress levels. If you have kids, this is something they can get involved in, which may take their minds off the move, too. The spare change you make could be used to cover the costs of moving, or could pay for your last meal in your house together on the night before you move.

Stick to a budget

One of the most stressful parts of a move is the soaring costs, which you can easily tackle before they might arise. Listing what you must pay for and putting a realistic cost expectation beside it will help you curb expenses on other areas. This may seem daunting when you first write it down, but it will mean that if there was anything that could crop up and surprise you, you have already considered it in your budget.

Take a break

Keeping costs low is one of the secrets to keeping stress levels even lower. Yet, there are other parts to a move that make stress unbearable at times. Lack of time, resources, and help can all be a part of what makes it so hard. If you are already having a hard time with stress, a move could be the last thing you need. This is why it is imperative that you take a break from time to time. This could be to go on a walk in your local park, or to go to the gym to relieve any stress from your body. It could even be to go for a nap amid a bustling environment to help you recuperate for the days ahead. In any case, taking breaks will ensure you don’t burn out and reach a level of stress that you never anticipated. Reminding yourself of what lies in your future can be difficult, but if you do, it could be what helps you push through the difficulties and into your next life.


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